Top Things to Expect from a Luxury Accommodation

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Top Things to Expect from a Luxury Accommodation
August 1, 2021

Thinking about treating yourself to a real holiday this year? Maybe you’ve been on the fence, unsure if you want to take the plunge to really indulge your senses. Or maybe you’re just not sure what to expect.

Whether you’re new to luxury travel or you’re a seasoned veteran jet setter, the Omana Luxury Villa in Waiheke Island, NZ has everything you’d expect from a luxury accommodation—and more. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this setting ideal for a luxury holiday.

1)    Reach the Beach in Minutes

What’s the point of staying in a luxury beach villa if you have to walk a long distance to actually get to the beach? At Omana Luxury Villa, you have quick and easy access to a private beach that’s minutes from your villa’s doorstep.

2)    Breathtaking Natural Beauty

There’s plenty to do for nature lovers on Waiheke Island. Climb the hills for spectacular bay or ocean views, swim on many of the island’s pristine beaches, or hop on a sailboat and explore the ocean and coastline. But with our 3.08 hectare property, you don’t even have to leave the Omana Luxury Villa to enjoy nature. You don’t even need to leave your villa, as each one offers a stunning view of nature. Every aspect of Omana Luxury Villa has been designed to help you reconnect to nature, to your loved ones, and to yourself.

3)    Sophisticated Comfort

When you want a luxury holiday, you want to find a place where you feel comfortable. At Omana Luxury Villa, we’ve thought of every detail to ensure our guests have everything they need to feel relaxed. Designed by Bossley Architects, our villas reflect local landscapes with high ceilings and ceiling-height windows, making each villa sunny and welcoming. We’ve also hand-picked every piece of furniture from collections at well-known Italian and European fine furniture makers. And with super king beds, spacious interiors, oversized bathtubs, and more, no extravagance has been spared.

4)    Indulgent Amenities

When you take a luxury holiday, you expect the best. At Omana Luxury Villa, that’s exactly what you get. Feel welcomed with a complimentary drink, indulge in our “Help Yourself Breakfast,” and enjoy the fresh flowers in your room. And when you’re ready to hit the beach, grab your Omana Luxury Villa beach bag, complete with towel, sun block, hat, and a water bottle.

5)    Activities Galore

Some people love spending their holiday relaxing by the ocean with a good book. Others like to have a fun-filled trip packed with activities. At Omana Luxury Villa, you can get both! Not only can you relax at the beach, but there are plenty of nearby activities to delight both your palette and your sense of adventure. Hiking, bike riding, snorkeling, wine tastings, and amazing dining experiences, Omana Luxury Villa has a little something for everyone!

Want to learn more about Omana Luxury Villa’s luxury holidays? Check out everything we have to offer only for the most discerning travelers.

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