Sustainable luxury villa in Waiheke

Monday, March 27, 2023

Sustainable luxury villa in Waiheke
March 27, 2023

Do you feel like we are one with nature and should all make better choices to protect our planet? If so, you might want to engage with sustainable business, right?

You'll be glad to know that once visiting Waiheke you can stay in a luxury villa surrounded by nature and in harmony with it. Something that will make your time here on the island even more meaningful.

How are we working on sustainability?

Omana Luxury Villa was built in a very special spot on the island, which allowed us to create a private villa accommodation for those seeking tranquillity and to be immersed in nature with nothing to worry about.

Being sustainable has been important for us from day one because we wanted to preserve this piece of paradise we find ourselves in and give others the opportunity of embracing nature without giving up luxury.

So this is how Omana works on sustainability:

We help regenerate the forest and local environment

We have planted several hundred native plants to increase the native fauna and flora coverage of our land.

As a result, we have seen a steady increase in native birds in the forest, including Faintal. If you are lucky enough, you can spot one of these birds while on a walk on Waiheke.

This also has happened due to our effort to do pest control to protect our forest and the native birds. Furthermore, currently two-thirds of our land is covered by native plants and one-third is productive land.

We avoid waste and treat the water

Here at Omana, all water requirements are met via rain, our own borehole and spring water. On every private villa, the kitchenette tap has filtered and sparkling water, so no bottles are needed!

So good quality water is provided to all guests with minimal wastage and all water waste is treated on-site.

Also, we provide recycling bins in the villas, and all our human waste is treated on site.

We address energy resource usage

The whole Omana building was built with the highest level of insulation to minimise energy usage.

All our electricity requirements are met by solar energy and by a fully renewable energy provider. Solar energy is generated by solar panels on the roof of Villa Serenity and stored in a battery stack in the plant room under Villa Haven.

Excess electricity is fed into the grid and top-up requirements are provided by Mercury energy which is a provider of sustainable electricity.

We are electric car friendly

Talking about resource usage, our parking space is equipped with an EV charger for guests with electric cars.

We see that as a way to encourage and welcome those who have chosen a more sustainable alternative in opposition to petroleum-based fuels.

With that mentioned, it is good to know that a car ferry to Waiheke is one of the easiest ways to get to the island and that we are only one hour from Auckland.

We embrace Manaakitanga

If you're not familiar with this, Manaakitanga is a powerful expression that indicates how the Maori communities care about each other's well-being. We embrace that as part of Omana's values.

That is why we chose to provide our guests with a gourmet breakfast sourced from a local producer and also count on other local providers from the Waiheke community such as our gardener, cleaners and property manager.

The reason why we contribute to managing pests is also connected to Manaakitanga, as it can be understood as a native nature appreciation measure.

Caring about other people's well-being also led us to create a wheelchair-accessible accommodation here at Omana.

As a result of all our efforts to enhance the local culture, we have received outstanding reviews from our customers.

We care about cultural integration

Once we talked about Manaakitanga, it is nice to tell that Omana's land was  blessed by the local Iwi in a moving ceremony to ask permission to develop the business, and in return, we pledged to honour and look after the land. 

And besides valuing the local culture, we are happy to welcome people from any part of the globe and make them have a good time while immersed in nature. Over the past year, we have hosted a significant number of different cultures as guests.

If you are looking forward to feeling welcomed and creating unique memories as well, check out our tips on how to get a full Waiheke experience to make your stay count even more.


We interact with nature in a responsible and sustainable way, respecting and welcoming the culture of the region. And we believe that reconnecting with nature offers a renewal in yourself.

That is why our private villas focus both on luxury and on being in harmony with nature. That is what allows us to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience while you enjoy all the best Waiheke has to offer without any concern.

The opportunity to provide memorable moments inspires us to keep constant work to improve our sustainability and have a more positive impact on our world.

If you identify with all of these, come stay with us!

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