How to get a full Waiheke experience?

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How to get a full Waiheke experience?
January 26, 2022

When we are searching for a memorable holiday, we are looking for a feeling of fulfilment. No wonder you have chosen to discover more about an amazing island close to Auckland. So, to get a full Waiheke experience, we are going to guide you through some top advice about this haven.

Waiheke is a flawless spot for all kinds of travellers, from the most adventurous to the ones that are simply looking for peace and quiet, and an escape with their loved ones.

Even though a full Waiheke experience can be different for each person, once you feel you are a world away, it is up to you to decide how your holiday is going to be. So, to plan your time on this enchanting island, carry on reading!

The full Waiheke experience starts with the journey here

The experience itself starts with your journey to come here. You can take the ferry in downtown Auckland and, in 35 minutes, you’ll have reached the island, where you’ll be able to easily get around Waiheke by renting a car or a bike.

If you prefer to take the car ferry, it might just take another 10 minutes more, which means the trip takes less than 50 minutes.

During this short ride, you’ll be able to marvel at the ocean and stunning scenery that will be the setting of your home for a few days. This is just a taster of your full experience.

And… Would you like to see it from above? We will now explain how this is possible!

Experience Waiheke from the skies

To make your journey to Waiheke even more wonderful, you might want to try taking a helicopter flight from downtown Auckland. By chartering a chopper, in less than 15 minutes, you’ll be on the island, whilst enjoying a remarkable aerial view of it.

If you’d rather come to Waiheke on the ferry, but still want to experience it from the skies, there are other ways, apart from the helicopter charter to go around the island.

For the audacious travellers, ziplining is certainly part of a full Waiheke experience, as you’ll be able to get that adrenaline flowing while admiring the natural beauties of this place. Flying foxes are quite a thing here, and they take you through incredible tourist destinations, from wineries and vineyards to forests and beaches, and more.

Discover stunning beaches

Now that you have seen it from above, let’s land on Waiheke’s wonderful beaches, starting with the main one, Oneroa, set in the village that carries the name. You will certainly pass by Oneroa, admiring the view, while choosing places to visit and restaurants to enjoy around it.

Other beaches that are part of the Waiheke experience are:

  • Little Oneroa Beach;
  • Palm Beach;
  • Blackpool Beach, on the opposite side of Oneroa;
  • Surfdale Beach;
  • Onetangi Beach;
  • Cactus Bay, which can be accessed by kayak;
  • Shelly Beach, with peaceful waters, ideal for families with children.

To make the beach experience in Waiheke even more complete, there's more to a simple dive to it. You can go on snorkelling and SCUBA diving trips to watch the wonderful ocean life New Zealand has to show.

Find a private beach in Waiheke

The beaches in Waiheke are simply marvellous in their own way. But our personal favourite, of course, is our private beach on Woodside Bay, where Omana Luxury Villa is located. The guests to our villas have full access to this secluded and unique spot on Waiheke.

To continue your search for a full Waiheke experience, you can first marvel at the ocean and verdant surroundings from the terrace, then step outside to the forest and access the beach within a quick walk down the trail from the villas.

Recharge having a bath with a view

Speaking of stunning views, to us, a memorable experience in Waiheke must have moments of pure relaxation.

You sure deserve a great way to start the day or to relax after spending hours filled with amusements, to recharge for a night of wonders. So why not have a bath with a view of the island?

Taste delicious wine

Now that you have bathed – in the beach and the tub –, it’s time to go on vineyard tours. Waiheke is known for its top-quality wines, making your romantic holiday or anniversary getaway even more special.

There are several options of boutique wineries to visit, such as Destiny Bay, only a walk distance from Omana, and ​​Batch Winery, as well as Stonyridge, just to name a few amongst 30 of them.

As drinking and driving do not go hand in hand, you may want to get a driver. To make it a full Waiheke experience, there is a classic car tour available that will take you to wineries and many other tourist spots on the island.

Savour tasteful olive oil

The olive oil tours are just a must like the wine ones in Waiheke. Find high-quality olives and spend hours appreciating their flavour.

What’s more, if you are not the drinking kind of traveller, you won’t feel left out because the olive tours certainly can make up for the others you’ve missed.

Discover local cuisine

Around the island, you will discover delicious restaurants, which definitely make the experience memorable. Waiheke is known for being diverse and offering many different tastes to its visitors, from seafood and pasta to crêpes and gelato, and so much more.

A few of our personal favourites are:

Get immersed in the art

To complete your Waiheke experience, get immersed in the beauty brought to the island by truly amazing artists. Just as an example, our Villa Joy have the birds from the TOI Gallery artist Sally Smith.

From open-air sculptures in Alison Park to galleries in the village, you’ll be stunned by fine work around this land. Furthermore, a great memory to take home from Waiheke is a piece of antique from the vintage shops.

Make your own experience in Waiheke

In a place filled with beauty and things to do, it’s certainly not hard to get a full Waiheke experience on your holiday. For a number of days to spend or even for a short trip, you will find activities to fill each moment, just as well as pure joy and relaxation.

We sure can help you with that.

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