Waiheke Island villas for a perfect getaway

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Waiheke Island villas for a perfect getaway
December 9, 2021

Couples and individuals looking for the best Waiheke Island villas will be pleased to know this is the perfect kind of accommodation for a romantic getaway. In a more exclusive and intimate stay, the mood is set for a memorable experience, a celebration of love and life.

Villas are the type of setting the Romans already knew meant pure sophistication and pleasure. A place designed for its visitors to spend some quality time and feel replenished, yet with a familiar sense of comfort and intimacy.

Fast-forward to the current days, and you will find that luxury villas are the option for accommodation that will take your mind from the daily routine to the feeling of being a world away, completely immersed in a body and soul experience.

Villas are a place of splendour in Waiheke

Throughout history, up until now, luxury villas have been known for their beauty from the inside to the outside.

These homes are spacious, filled with freedom within the walls that separate from the splendour that surrounds them. Looking out the window or stepping out the door, amazing and stunning views are a must when it comes to this kind of sophisticated accommodation.

All of this vast experience is what we at Omana like to call the luxury of abundance. So no wonder Waiheke Island is the perfect place to rent luxury villas that will embrace the visitors in an incredibly satisfying holiday – either for a weekend or a number of days of joy.

Located within a short ferry ride or helicopter flight from Auckland, this majestic piece of land presents couples and individuals with a breathtaking landscape, a wonderful natural life, emerald beaches and the most vibrant culture.

We are sure you are making the right choice of coming here, so now you only have to decide where to stay in Waiheke Island. Continue reading to find out more.

Choose between the best Waiheke Island villas

Now that you are planning a trip with your loved one to this peaceful wonder, you should know why it is best to choose luxury accommodation in Waiheke. There are many sophisticated options for your stay, from more centrally located to more secluded and exclusive.

No matter where you choose to enjoy your free time, you will be embraced by the harmony of this island. But there are ways to make a getaway more intimate and unforgettable.

For instance, renting a new and designed villa, with a private beach, can be a more than pleasant experience. So, now we present you with a brief description of our four luxury villas.

Meet our Waiheke Island villas

Omana luxury villas were carefully designed to the taste of wonder. Once we stepped into this land and set our eyes on the landscape where our beloved Woodside Bay is located, we knew we had to keep nature in harmony.

And so, our respect for Waiheke’s natural beauties made our villas a part of it, inviting our guests to feel wrapped by the sounds of the forest reserve, the birds and the ocean. It translated to the feeling of being secluded, yet just a short drive away from amusements and many things to do in Waiheke.

The whole idea of this experience is to connect visitors with life, nature and their loved ones. So, the sensations we expect from our guests stay were what inspired our villas’ names:

Each 58 square metres villa, with a 15 square metres terrace, is proud to carry the signature of New Zealand architect Pete Bossley, who embraced our project with a deep commitment to sustainability.

Omana is meant to be a harmonious part of the environment, never to disregard it. We must always remember that Waiheke Island is indeed a treasure to its community and admired by visitors from all over the world. We should cherish it.

Interiors designed with passion and a sense of style

There are many romantic things to do in Waiheke. But just as the outside environment invites guests to explore the island, the interior of our villas calls you to ultimate rest and immersion with your loved one.

Our luxury accommodation was designed with passion and style, with hand-picked furnishings and the kindest bed for your pure relaxation. Here are some details about the features and amenities of each villa:

  • Heater;
  • Shower;
  • Bathtub;
  • Hairdryer;
  • Kitchenette;
  • In-room safe;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Desk and chair;
  • Coffee machine;
  • On-site car park;
  • Walk-in wardrobe;
  • 58 sqm floor space;
  • Private beach access;
  • 15 sqm private terrace;
  • Entertainment options (Apple TV, Netflix);
  • Gourmet breakfast (replenished every day).

Furthermore, Omana’s commitment to enjoyment meets no boundaries, so guests with all mobility requirements are most welcome to our Serenity Villa.

Why choose luxury villas in Waiheke instead of a hotel

It is very likely that you, as a passionate traveller, have already tried the best kind of accommodation in each destination, including the most wonderful and sophisticated hotels that are definitely a fantastic choice for relaxation.

But not all guests have experienced the wonders of staying in a luxury villa and, if so, not necessarily in a brand-new one, which would make a marvellous opportunity to do so in Waiheke Island. In a place of wonder, nothing better than choosing the refined option.

Now the task of choosing accommodation becomes the decision of making your experience memorable. To help you decide, imagine luxury, independence, comfort and surrender.

Special occasions deserve a unique stay and exclusive moments. Add a private beach to the equation, and you will know that staying in the best Waiheke Island villas is the right choice for a holiday celebration.

Be our guest

We certainly hope to have helped you to get to know a bit more about the wonders of staying in the best Waiheke Island villas.

The perfect romantic getaway for an anniversary celebration or special occasion deserves a setting filled with joy and pleasure, surrounded by nature, sea views and a private beach.

Make your trip unforgettable.

Get in touch with us.

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