Where to stay on Waiheke Island

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Where to stay on Waiheke Island
September 21, 2021

You have been planning the perfect holiday and found a breathtaking island, full of stunning beaches, flora, fauna, art and wineries, just a quick ferry ride from Auckland. Now it’s time to find a unique accommodation to make it, even more, a memorable experience. So we are glad to help you decide on where to stay on Waiheke Island.

For this quest, it’s important to have in mind the kind of traveller you are (or feel like being this time) and the main purpose of your trip. Are we talking about a romantic getaway with your loved one, a wedding, a – first or second – honeymoon, a celebration of a special occasion?

Or perhaps you feel like seizing not only calmness but also lots of amusement and adventures with a small group of friends, a world away from daily life?

If it’s one or the other – or all of the above –, be at peace because there are many tailored options of where to stay on Waiheke Island. So, let’s share some inputs on this important topic – carry on reading!

Choosing where to stay on Waiheke Island

Deciding the location of where to stay on Waiheke Island is definitely not a problem, as it can be quite easy to get around here.

As mentioned, the island is just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland. Once you get to Waiheke, you will find lots of means of transportation, such as bus services, as well as bikes, scooters and car rentals. For your convenience, you can also take the ferry already in a car, then continue your journey to your final destination.

Keep also in mind that there are other options to reach Waiheke, such as hiring a private water taxi or even coming on a charter helicopter for a more exclusive arrival and, of course, the greatest views throughout a 5-minute flight.

If you feel like staying “downtown” on Waiheke Island

Once you’ve reached the island, you will soon discover our biggest village, Oneroa, full of delicious restaurants, cafés, shops, art galleries, markets and plenty of options of accommodation on Waiheke Island.

From the seaside village, visitors get amazing views of bays, sandy beaches and stunning nature all around, which all make Oneroa one of the best places to stay on Waiheke for sure.

But you can, of course, enjoy all of that and still find more secluded and private options for your stay. For instance, some are just a short drive away from Oneroa, and you’ll be able to unwind and relax in luxury accommodation on Waiheke.

4 points when looking for accommodation on Waiheke

Now that you are more familiar with the main village, and how easy it is to get around the land, let’s consider a few topics for you to reach your final decision on where to stay on Waiheke Island.

1. Private yet closed everything else

To share special moments with your loved one, there’s nothing better than finding a secluded and luxury accommodation on Waiheke Island. Just to give an example, our villas are in a little oasis, and we are proud of our amazing ocean views and tranquillity.

Who’s looking for peace and quiet will also be surprised that Omana is just a 10-minute drive away from top restaurants, so you’ll still be able to unwind and relax in luxury accommodation on Waiheke, as well as enjoy attractions all around.

2. Bays on Waiheke 

As you may already be aware, Waiheke has plenty of coves, which not only give the island a shape similar to a friendly octopus but also welcomes fantastic ocean vision. This is a point to consider when you’re deciding where to stay, as it may make a difference to your waking up view. Just to name a few bays:

  • Owhanake Bay
  • Hekerua Bay
  • Enclosure Bay
  • Takiray Bay
  • Putaki Bay
  • Whakanewha Bay
  • Waikorariki Bay
  • Woodside Bay – Omana’s most cherished, of course.

3. Inclusive mobility

Memorable hospitality must be for all, so another essential feature when looking for the best accommodation on Waiheke Island is inclusion. Not only do guests need a warm welcome, but also a tailored experience during their stay.

With this in mind, we designed and built one of our villas to be entirely wheelchair accessible, which means wider doorways, wet rooms with grab rails, ramps for easy access in and out of the villa, and more inclusive measures.

4. Eco-friendly

New Zealand is known for being one of the main countries to invest in sustainability, therefore having eco-friendly accommodation on Waiheke means a great deal to us Kiwis. When looking where to stay on the island, you might want to take this into consideration.

We do know guests will remember the views, our rich nature, the birdlife, the stunning native gardens, but they will also appreciate who acts to preserve it all. For us, this means to:

  • Be carbon positive;
  • Recycle all waste on-site;
  • Shop from local providers;
  • Take care of the local environment;
  • Provide guests with organic products;
  • Have energy needs met from renewable sources;
  • Interact with nature in a responsible and sustainable way;
  • Do pest control to protect the forest and the native birds;
  • Have water suppliers from rainwater and natural spring.

Choose experience wherever you stay on Waiheke

No matter the purpose of your trip, it’s always good to have in mind that Waiheke is indeed a haven for you to reconnect with loved ones, nature, and feel refreshed. The island has much to offer, including local exclusive products, wine, olive oil, cheese, veggies, fruits, art, antiques and more.

Waihekeans are warm and welcoming people, with a great sense of community, and this is a great value that could make a tremendous difference in your choice of accommodation. Thus, the importance of choosing where to stay on Waiheke is based on experience above all.

We believe that reconnecting with nature offers renewal in yourself. So your choice of where to stay on Waiheke Island should make you feel welcome, comfortable and at peace.

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