10 romantic things to do in Waiheke

Thursday, October 28, 2021

10 romantic things to do in Waiheke
October 28, 2021

When you are planning a getaway with your loved one, nothing seems more fitting than a memorable trip to make you connect with each other. With a number of romantic things to do, Waiheke Island can be just the perfect holiday spot for two.

Imagine sunset walks along the shore, bicycle rides immersed in nature, wine tasting in boutique vineyards, picnics and, of course, a secluded and private beach for your own pleasure. All of that and so much more can be done around this amazing island.

Actually, Omana has love as part of its foundation, so we are going to help you plan a romantic holiday in Waiheke. Keep on reading!

Honeymoon destination in New Zealand

For couples looking for a special wedding venue, a honeymoon destination or to celebrate the love they’ve shared throughout the years, New Zealand is filled with romantic dream spots.

One of them is Waiheke, a treasure island that, believe it or not, is just a 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland city. Once you get to Waiheke, you’ll be invited to slow things down, as a perfect reminder to leave daily life behind.

This is a place for you to replenish and bond beautifully with your loved one. That is how your love celebration starts, so find out below a few of the many romantic things you can do on the island.

10 romantic things to do in Waiheke

Waiheke Island has been compared to breathtaking destinations such as the Greek island of Paros or even Mauritius, which leads us to the first romantic thing to do here.

1. Enjoy a private beach

There are different beaches for you two to enjoy around Waiheke, such as Oneroa Beach, Palm Beach and Onetangi Beach. But some occasions just ask for a more exclusive and secluded experience. So, perhaps you might be interested in finding a private beach where you can relax and connect with each other.

Our luxury accommodation on Waiheke Island is just a short walk from one. Omana is located in Woodside Bay, a protected area exclusive to the guests staying in our four villas. Find peace and tranquillity while enjoying a picnic, listening to the sounds of nature and the ocean.

2. Book a spa service for two

After spending a day full of amusement around the island, you and your loved one can find pure relaxation for the body and soul.

We care deeply for your comfort, which is why we built spacious and sophisticated villas. One of the services Omana is proud to offer is a spa at the guest’s request, which can include massage and other treatments.

3. Ride horses together

Horse riding is definitely on the top list of romantic things to do in Waiheke Island. Ride along the beaches or find fields and nature to explore together. Get high atop the island for the most amazing views throughout your honeymoon or romantic holiday.

4. Come flying to Waiheke

We’ve mentioned Waiheke is just a quick ferry ride from Auckland city, but if you feel like starting the journey in a more exclusive and private way, you both can come on a short helicopter flight – or even book a flight to fly high around the island once you’re already here. 

This is the kind of experience that will provide you with wonderful views and delightful memories.

5. Go on a wine tasting tour

Think of laughter and hand in hand walks around grapevines. There are over 20 boutique wineries around Waiheke for couples to taste our most cherished wines, and even have delicious meals in some of their restaurants and cafés – such as Stonyridge Vineyard and Tantalus Estate Vineyard.

There are also lovely olive oil tours for you to spend time together while getting to know more of Waiheke’s tasteful pleasures. Our olive groves are simply wonderful, and there are options to visit that are close to Omana. 

6. Get adventurous on a Zipline

Going on little adventures together is part of the fun here, and it can be such a romantic thing to do in Waiheke. So why not fly with your better half on a Zipline – or flying fox – around the island? You’ll get the most stunning views of this beautiful land.

7. Go on hiking tracks

Take long walks to discover the island and deepen your connection with nature and each other. There are a number of hiking tracks around Waiheke, such as the Ta Ara Hura, which takes about two hours to complete from Matiatia Bay to Oneroa village.

8. Enjoy local art

Waiheke is an inspiring destination for artists, so no wonder this is also a paradise for couples who are looking for culture and beauty. The island is proud to be home to open-air sculptures, such as the ones in Alison Park, and galleries, such as Waiheke Community Art Gallery.

There are also a number of vintage shops with antiques that will sure make the perfect souvenir for a lovely trip together.

9. Cycle around Waiheke

Cycling with your partner is a great suggestion if you’re looking for something romantic to do in Waiheke. This is a perfect destination to unwind, so enjoy riding a bike together on trails, like in Onetangi Sports Park, or even on the roads shared with traffic. Drivers here are well instructed to slow down and mind cyclists.

No need to worry about bringing your own bike, as there are plenty here to hire.

10. Get married

Last but not least, getting married is the ultimate definition of a romantic thing to do in Waiheke. If you have ever thought about a wedding on the beach, this is an amazing chance to make your dream come true.

This island is a haven that calls for a love celebration, with a number of venues to gather a group of special and selected guests.

Connect with each other in Waiheke

We have shared with you ten examples of romantic things to do in Waiheke, just to give you some ideas to make your time together even more special. This is for you and your loved one to find a deeper connection and enjoy the wonders of each other’s company.

As we mentioned before, love is part of our story. Omana was built from our desire to have a place for our own enjoyment. And soon it became our dream to create a luxurious escape for couples. So it’s all from our hearts to yours. Enjoy!

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