Anniversary getaways near Auckland

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Anniversary getaways near Auckland
November 24, 2021

There are times when we need a special destination to celebrate important occasions. When looking for anniversary getaways or even a wedding celebration venue, it is simply a joy to find there are places so near Auckland city.

Most of us are big fans of travelling the world, going on a plane and getting some distance from day-to-day life. Although we love to keep seeing what is out there, we might end up missing spots that are heaven on earth, yet so close to home.

So, there’s no need to travel far to spend memorable moments with your loved one. To help you out with this, we are going to list below amazing places for you to consider spending a lovely time. Carry on reading!

5 anniversary getaways near Auckland

Are you the mountain type couple or the beach couple? No matter what kind of holiday you are looking for, you will most certainly find the perfect destination for a romantic getaway close to Auckland.

1. Rotorua

Think natural hot springs, bubbling mud pools and Māori culture. Within less than three hours drive, Rotorua is definitely on the top list of anniversary getaways near Auckland.

2. Matakana

Another hot spot for a romantic getaway is Matakana, surrounded by delicious local food, wine and beaches.

3. Taupo

One of the greatest places in New Zealand for couples who love adventures is around Lake Taupo. This is a breathtaking region, only three hours away, and so much worth it for a lovely visit.

4. The Coromandel

If you are looking for pristine beaches, less than an hour away from Auckland, then spend some time in The Coromandel, a region rich in forests, water sports and so much more.

5. Waiheke Island

One of the best options for anniversary getaways near Auckland goes by the name of Waiheke Island. Have you ever been to this paradise?

Waiheke is a blessed piece of land that is home to our luxury villas. You will get to know more about it all below.

Waiheke Island for an anniversary getaway

Now that we have shared some of the most wonderful places for couples in New Zealand, it is time to give you more details about our favourite suggestion for an anniversary getaway near Auckland.

Waiheke Island is definitely an option for two love birds looking for rest and relaxation, just as well as fun and amusement. No wonder we have chosen this heavenly spot to be the home of our beloved villas.

If you have been to or ever wonder about going to the island of Paros, in Greece, or even Mauritius, Waiheke is certainly the place for you. But there’s even more to it than breathtaking views and beautiful beaches.

Interested already? So, carry on reading to find out more about this heavenly place in New Zealand.

What is so special about Waiheke? 

Think about lying down in the sun, listening to the sound of the waves crashing and birds singing. Imagine also enjoying water sports, hikes and long walks.

Find yourself tasting the most delicious wine, olives and local food. Get the chance to discover art and culture all around, and a deep sense of community.

This is Waiheke Island, in a nutshell. A place with many things to do and for you to reconnect with nature and with your loved ones, especially if you are looking for an anniversary getaway near Auckland.

How to get to Waiheke Island?

To get to Waiheke, one of the main options is taking the passenger ferry from downtown Auckland. In only 35 minutes on the Fullers Ferry, you will reach the island, where you can rent a car, for your own convenience.

On the other hand, if you prefer travelling in your own vehicle, the Sealink car ferry is the best option, and still very quick: a journey of only 45 minutes.

To make it even more special and exclusive for an anniversary getaway, you might be interested in getting a private water taxi or a helicopter, for you and your other half to enjoy the view throughout the flight.

How to get around Waiheke? 

Car rentals are available the moment you arrive in Waiheke Island. On the other hand, if you prefer to sit back and relax – or keep your body active –, there are other options of transportation, such as:

  • Taxi and executive transport;
  • Bus, as well as the hop-on-hop-off tour;
  • Bike – your own or to rent;
  • Scooter and Segway;
  • Horse tours.

If you are a big fan of the waters, why not try boats or even a kayak or stand-up paddle? For the ones who are fond of walking, hiking around Waiheke is also a must-do.

Where to stay in Waiheke for an anniversary getaway?

There are a number of accommodation options available in Waiheke, each with its own way of pleasing guests. Consider the kind of travellers you both are and if you are feeling like going on an adventure or finding pure rest. 

As a romantic getaway, we highly recommend you find a more secluded and exclusive place to stay, such as luxury accommodation. Omana, for instance, is home to four spacious and luxurious villas, surrounded by nature, with ocean views and a private beach that can be reached in moments down a trail.

Yet, our luxury accommodation in Waiheke is close to all the amusements of this island. Within a short drive, you will find boutique wineries, restaurants, bars, art galleries and other romantic things to do that will add joy to your anniversary.

Make your anniversary getaway memorable

If love is a journey, let each and every romantic destination reconnect you as a couple. Keep celebrating your life together and, considering that if travelling far is not necessary, make plans for anniversary getaways near Auckland.

We have shared with you a few options for you to keep in mind. And, of course, consider a romantic getaway in Waiheke Island, our most beloved destination. We hope to see you soon.

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