Car ferry to Waiheke

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Car ferry to Waiheke
July 12, 2022

Taking the car ferry to Waiheke is one of the best options for visitors to come on a special holiday. When choosing this option from Auckland city, travellers are only 45 minutes away, yet they’ll find themselves in a low-paced piece of land, with the perfect rhythm for pure relaxation.

All along the way on the car ferry to Waiheke, you will find a beautiful view leaving the city and one even more stunning that welcomes guests to a long holiday or a weekend getaway. Then, from the moment you arrive here, you will see a verdant and abundant nature, surrounded by an emerald sea that bathes our beaches.

So let’s discover a bit more about ways to come here and how to get around Waiheke Island. Carry on reading!

How to take the car ferry to Waiheke

If you are coming to Waiheke on the car ferry, you can depart from:

  • Half Moon Bay (East Auckland): 45 minutes journey, on average.
  • Hamer Street (Wynyard Quarter): 60 minutes estimate, and fewer times available.

Car ferry to Waiheke: timetables and prices

The car ferry to Waiheke is a service is provided by Sealink, and all the information about timetables and prices can be found on their website. It’s highly recommended that visitors make all bookings and arrangements in advance, so there won’t be any headaches getting to your special getaway.

It’s important to highlight that there are some benefits of coming to Waiheke with your own car, as it makes it easier to get around the island. After leaving the ferry in Kennedy Point, all you have to do is drive to your luxury accommodation or go explore the wonders of Waiheke, such as the beaches, restaurants and art galleries.

Car ferry to Waiheke Island

Another great point to keep in mind is that the car ferry is wheelchair accessible. If you are looking for wheelchair accessible accommodation in Waiheke, our Villa Serenity is recommended for guests with disabilities and any mobility requirements.

Other ways to come to Waiheke

If you choose not to come on the car ferry to Waiheke, there’s no need to worry at all! There are other ways for you to arrive at your holiday destination. So let’s see now how to get to Waiheke Island!

Passenger ferry

The passenger ferry to Waiheke takes only 35 minutes from Auckland city. The service is operated by Fullers360 so, when you are planning your trip, you can check fares and timetables on their website.

Private water taxis

There are also exclusive services of private water taxis to come to Waiheke Island. Auckland Sea Shuttles is one of the companies that provide this kind of experience.

Private flights

To begin your romantic getaway in a more special way, why not have an aerial view of Waiheke? Private flights are offered by companies like Waiheke Wings, Helicopter Me, and Inflite.

How to get around Waiheke Island

Deciding on how to come to Waiheke is as essential as arranging your means of transportation on the island. So here are some options for you to choose how to get around Waiheke.

Car rental in Waiheke

For guests that are looking for car rentals in Waiheke, keep in mind that it’s essential to book prior to your arrival, not only but especially during high season – spring and summer. Waiheke Car Rental is one of the recommended companies.

Taxi or Private driver in Waiheke

If you are not feeling like driving on your special holiday, why not consider a private driver? Drive Waiheke is one of the providers we recommend. You may also want to check taxi availability with Waiheke Island Taxis.

Driving to your destination after taking the car ferry to Waiheke

Wine tours

If you are either coming on a day trip from Auckland to Waiheke or staying for a longer period of time, wine tours are not only a great option to see the island but also to taste one of its wonders: wine!

The tours provided by Enjoy are worth for visitors to check, and it really doesn’t matter if you have taken the car ferry to Waiheke or not, right? Wine tours are just one of the best things to do here, and another way for you to have an amazing time.

Horse tours

Horse tours are definitely a fantastic way to get a full Waiheke experience, and make you feeling connect to nature with stunning views all along the way, from beaches to wineries. Waiheke Horse Tours, strategically located in Woodside Bay, as well as our luxury villas, provides not only tours but also lessons.

Ocean view accommodation in Waiheke

Other ways to get around Waiheke

When all comes down to having an amazing experience in Waiheke, you may want to discover other ways to get around the island.

How to get to our luxury villas

Omana Luxury Villa is only a short drive from all of Waiheke’s amusements. To come to our luxury villas by car, follow these steps or click here to open on Google Maps.

  1. Follow Gordons Road to where the sealed road ends at a T-junction.
  2. Turn left and travel on the unsealed road for a few hundred meters.
  3. Turn right at the first driveway – you will see a Destiny Bay Vineyard sign.
  4. Drive past the buildings and through the vineyard to the top of the hill.
  5. At the top of the hill, you will see a cement car park – you'll have arrived!

If you are coming on the car ferry to Waiheke or in any other way, it’ll be our pleasure to have you at Omana. Enjoy the stunning views atop a hill, and be surrounded by beauty and sophistication.

Stay with us!

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