Wheelchair accessible accommodation in Waiheke

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Wheelchair accessible accommodation in Waiheke
March 23, 2022

We believe that the wonders and beauty of traveling should be shared by everyone. But, in order to make it possible to do so by people with disabilities and any mobility requirements, it is essential to make wheelchair accessible accommodation available.

On Waiheke Island, we at Omana consider this an important matter, therefore our Villa Serenity is spacious and convenient for every guest, on every occasion.

Below we will share with you a bit more about our wheelchair accessible accommodation and other information that may be useful to you when coming to Waiheke. Carry on reading!

About our wheelchair accessible accommodation

Our four luxury villas are located on top of verdant land that is blessed with stunning views of a native forest and the ocean that bathes our beloved Woodside Bay. That is precisely where the private beach available to Omana’s guests is found.

The most elevated of them is Villa Serenity, making the surroundings even more beautiful to marvel at.

Abundance is a most regarded value to us, therefore this wheelchair accessible accommodation is spacious, within a total of 73 square meters, including a terrace to spend a number of special moments, as well as the wonders of twilight.

In this villa, these are some of the amenities you will find:

  • Spacious twin bathroom
  • Oversized bathtub
  • California King bed (or 2 king single)
  • Workspace designed for a person on a wheelchair
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Kitchenette
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • High-quality sound system

Getting to the wheelchair accessible accommodation

First things first, let’s remember how to get to Waiheke Island. Here are the best-known options:

  • Passenger ferry from Auckland city, which only takes 35 minutes;
  • Car ferry from Auckland, that takes around 45 minutes.

There are many ways to get around Waiheke, but a car is usually the most convenient, especially if you want to explore different parts of the island. You can either take your own car on the ferry, as mentioned above or find rentals the moment you arrive here – before booking, do your research if the rental offers accessible cars.

Then, to find our wheelchair accessible accommodation, here are some simple steps:

  1. Follow Gordons Road to where the sealed road ends at a T-junction.
  2. Turn left and travel on the unsealed road for a few hundred meters, then turn right at the first driveway – you will see a Destiny Bay Vineyard sign.
  3. Drive past the buildings and through the vineyard to the top of the hill.
  4. At the top of the hill, you will see a cement car park – you'll have arrived at Omana Luxury Villa!
  5. Use the accessible ramp to the right of the car park, and Serenity is the first villa of the three on that footpath.

Or you can simply click here to open Omana’s address on Google Maps. It’s also important to mention that there is, of course, a parking permit for the disabled.

How to get to our private beach

In your refreshing getaway, all of our guests can enjoy a secluded and calm private beach on Woodside Bay. There is a bushwalk that within minutes will lead you to the ocean, but getting there by car is the most convenient option.

So with your vehicle, all you have to do is to back to the end of the driveway by the dirt road, turn right onto Gordons Road and travel for about 1 km. Then, turn right onto Woodside Road to see the beach area in front of you.

There are companies in New Zealand that offer beach wheelchair rental, a service that can be quite useful if you are traveling to places such as Waiheke Island.

Information about disability and tourism

Now that you have learned how to get to your wheelchair accessible accommodation in Waiheke, it’s time to share some interesting and useful information about disability in New Zealand.

The statistics show that one in every four people in the country “is limited by a physical, sensory, learning, mental health or other impairment”, which means a need to make traveling more and more accessible to all mobility requirements.

Even though New Zealand is known for being inclusive and taking into account the fact that people have different needs, there is always room for improvement when it comes to accessibility and inclusion.

That is why it is always important to do a bit of research when deciding things to do on your trip. Try to learn as much as you can about the destination, ways of getting there and around the area.

Also, look for points of interest in your travel, such as museums, galleries and restaurants, and how accessible they are.

Checklist for traveling with disabilities

Planning a trip is always a good choice for it to run smoothly. Each and every traveler should benefit from making a checklist with some useful tips as well as things to take to the trip.

When it comes to disability and traveling, information is key, so there is some online content that may be useful, and you can always try to get in touch with people responsible for places you want to visit.

In general, there are some things you can consider adding to your checklist. So here they are:

  • Pack your permits and other important documents;
  • Take with you any medicine and prescriptions needed;
  • Have emergency contacts easily accessible on your phone or calendar;
  • Try to carry with you some fix-it tools, in case you need to make small repairs to your wheelchair and equipment;
  • Have a seat cushion, which may help for long hours of seating on day tours;
  • Pack efficiently – once you get to Omana, you can readily use the ​​spacious walk-in wardrobe to leave the area uncluttered;
  • Have your equipment prepared for your trip.

Enjoy this haven close to Auckland

The message we would like to leave with this article is that there is wheelchair accessible accommodation in Waiheke, filled with space, comfort, beauty and serenity, just like our luxury villa’s name.

Get inspired by a land of wonders and find peace and calm during your stay on Waiheke Island.

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