Waiheke Island activities: plan your trip

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Waiheke Island activities: plan your trip
March 9, 2022

Are you planning some days off work? Do you want to make the most of your time of rest and relaxation? So we are going to share with you some of the top Waiheke Island activities to fill your time.

If you and your loved one are looking for a gastronomic experience, such as wine and olive tasting, just as well as savoring delicious dishes from different cuisines, you’ve chosen the right place. For the adventurous love birds, who are fond of water sports and hiking, Waiheke is the place for you as well, with amazing things for you to do.

Without a doubt, this is one of the top New Zealand destinations for travelers that want to find peace and the ones who are looking for memorable experiences.

Plan your trip to Waiheke Island

Waiheke is the perfect destination for couples who want to feel far from the mundane but without the need to actually travel long distances. The island can be reached within only 35 minutes on the ferry from Auckland city or around 10 minutes on a helicopter flight.

If you prefer to come to Waiheke in your own car, you can take the car ferry, which may add around 10 minutes more to the journey – which still takes less than one hour for you to get to this haven. Otherwise, you will find a car rental the moment you arrive, then start exploring this paradise.

Top Waiheke Island activities

If you have a weekend getaway in Waiheke or a couple of days during the week (which can be fantastic for getting special rates here at Omana), you will want to make the most of this trip, right?

So we will start our list of top Waiheke Island activities with some of the essentials! If you have more time to enjoy this stunning piece of land, add water sports, hiking and more of the best things to do in Waiheke.

1. Wake up to a breathtaking view

Honestly, there are only a few things in this world that can be more relaxing than marveling at the ocean, listening to the sounds of nature. Our luxury villas in Waiheke Island are immersed in the verdant and emerald colors of Woodside Bay.

We built this little paradise to be a part of this rich environment, to help our guests to reconnect with nature, themselves and their loved ones. So come to Waiheke and wake up to a breathtaking view.

2. Find peace on a private beach

The moment you arrive at Waiheke, you will find the number one beach called Oneroa, a beauty filled with cafés and restaurants. There are others that we highly recommend:

  • Little Oneroa Beach;
  • Palm Beach;
  • Onetangi Beach;
  • Blackpool Beach.

Even though those beaches are all worth a visit, for the guests at Omana, there’s also access to a private beach, where you will find a more secluded and exclusive peace and quiet area.

The access to it can be within minutes via a bushwalk, immersed in nature, or by car. The drive will take 5 to 10 minutes, with the beautiful Destiny Bay Vineyard as your view throughout the path.

3. Go on a wine tasting tour

Speaking of vineyards, we couldn’t possibly leave wine tasting tours out of this list, as it makes for a full Waiheke experience. The island has proven to be one of the best places for wine production. This can be a special activity during an anniversary getaway, don’t you think?

We’ve already mentioned Destiny Bay, but we also highly recommend Stonyridge Vineyard and ​​Batch Winery. Once you’ve booked your stay at Omana, we can offer further help with other recommendations prior to your stay.

4. Go on a gin tasting tour

Not only does Waiheke have the best wine experiences, but also is the place for gin tasting tours. Waiheke Distilling Co is one of our personal favorites, where you will find taste, beauty and sophistication all around.

So if you have more than two days on the island, it’s certainly worth it to go to a wine tasting and a gin tasting in Waiheke.

5. Discover local and international food

From oysters to rich Italian food, Waiheke is a land of pleasures, perfect for visitors to discover dishes and have a new taste of the ones they already know. Only to name a few, the ones dear to Omana are Ki Māha, Mudbrick and Fenice

Waiheke Island Food and Wine Festival among top activities

On the drinks and food matter, it’s always good to remember Waiheke Island Food and Wine Festival. So keep an eye out for the dates and plan your trip to Waiheke during this perfect time.

6. Enjoy music and art

We are proud of the culture and art around Waiheke, being home to talented artists that bring out a sensorial experience in our visitors. You will discover beauty not only in art galleries but also in outdoor sculpture exhibitions, just as well as at Omana.

Our villas have pieces from artists and designers. For instance, the birds on our Villa Joy are signed by the fantastic Sally Smith from the TOI Gallery.

Matariki exhibition

To bring more value to our rich culture, the annual Matariki exhibition is always a must-see. Remember Waiheke is a short ferry ride from Auckland, so even if you have a couple of days off, it’s definitely an opportunity to find beauty and relaxation.

Waiheke Jazz Festival

Moving from visual to sound, art is around the island throughout the year. In Fall, our beloved Waiheke Jazz Festival sets the mood for our visitors.

Ideal for a getaway as well as a honeymoon

Now that you have discovered some of the top Waiheke Island activities, there’s no waiting around. Make your plan to come to an enchanted piece of land and find quality time with your loved one.

For couples considering booking for a special celebration or even a honeymoon stay, our luxury villas are the place to make it even more memorable. To find out more about our accommodation options and special rates, get in touch!

Enjoy life to the fullest, immerse yourself in nature and abundance.

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