Waiheke honeymoon: plan your love celebration

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Waiheke honeymoon: plan your love celebration
February 9, 2022

There are moments in life that are certainly more memorable than others. That is why choosing the perfect location for a love celebration is incredibly important, and having a Waiheke honeymoon is an experience that will remain forever in a couple’s heart.

Think about waking up next to your loved one, immersed in each other and being present in one of the most beautiful islands on this planet. Bathed by an emerald sea and blessed with stunning verdant nature, Waiheke is a celebration of life by itself, and it gets even more vivid when lovebirds fly to this piece of land.

Before going into details about the wonders of having a Waiheke honeymoon, we shall start by sharing with you ideas of a wedding celebration on the island. So let’s get down to it!

Wedding in Waiheke is definitely an option

For the pair that is starting the journey as a soon-to-be-married couple, looking for different venues, a great suggestion is to have a wedding on Waiheke Island. A beach wedding or a celebration in a vineyard is undoubtedly a memorable experience, including for all the guests involved.

Who wouldn’t love going to an enchanted island, less than a 40-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland, and being a part of such an event? Imagine your close friends and family together, supporting you both in this milestone of life.

Where to have a Waiheke wedding

Weddings in Waiheke can be arranged in different venues, including wineries – such as the picture below in Poderi Crisci – where all the guests will be embraced by a green land, delicious wine and food.

Just to mention other names on our favourites list, there are also special ceremonies that can be done in Stonyridge Vineyard and Tantalus Estate, both with breathtaking views and an environment that will be hard to forget.

There are also restaurants and other venues for getting married in Waiheke. It will depend on the couple’s plan and, of course, have some things in mind:

  • Total budget,
  • Number of guests;
  • Music – if DJ or band;
  • The need for alcohol license;
  • Weather – if it’s an outdoor venue with cover for rain.

It is also good to remember to find a wedding celebrant that will resonate with your hearts. Someone that will speak the couple’s language – even literally, if that is something you would like to consider.

Take good advantage of the different communities that have made New Zealand their home. If you are looking for a Brazilian celebrant to celebrate your special day, we highly recommend our good friend Francieli McWilliams.

How to have the best Waiheke honeymoon

Now that you have more clarity on the wedding part, it is time for us to move on to ideas for you to have the best Waiheke honeymoon. You are already on an enchanted island, so pick an accommodation that will be perfect for you both.

1. Secluded honeymoon accommodation

One of the first things to consider for your honeymoon stay is how secluded it is. Newly-weds are surely looking for privacy, for intimate moments, isn’t it so? So, choose your accommodation keeping in mind your own special moments.

On the other hand, it’s also good to experience Waiheke on your honeymoon. There are amazing places to go, see and a number of things to do throughout the island. On this matter, Omana Luxury Villa brings the best of both worlds, as it is only a short drive away from all the amusements.

2. Private beach for your Waiheke honeymoon

There are delicious and stunning beaches in Waiheke, including Oneroa, in the main village. They are all worth a visit, anytime you come to the island.

Still on the exclusiveness topic, on your honeymoon, you may want to leave busy beaches for other occasions. That is another reason to consider a more secluded accommodation with access to a private beach.

Our beloved Woodside Bay is only minutes away on a bushwalk or simply take a short drive down to find yourselves bathing on Waiheke’s waters.

3. Gourmet breakfast served daily

One of the best parts of travelling is breakfast, don’t you agree? At Omana, breakfast is served daily in your own villa, so you can have tasteful food while admiring the ocean view with your loved one.

Take this moment to listen to the sound of nature, maybe put a romantic playlist on, and plan the day ahead.

4. Bath with a view

Being immersed in each other should be enough for your Waiheke honeymoon, but try taking a moment to enjoy a heavenly bath, marveling at the ocean.

A bathroom made with the utmost care is something that couples will find in our luxury villas. You can share infinite talks while savoring champagne.

5. For adventurous and loving couples

The best about having a Waiheke honeymoon is being able to experience the things to do on the island in many ways. If in one day you both prefer to stay in the accommodation, enjoying each other’s embrace, you can then move on to all the wonders the island has to offer.

If you are feeling like an adventurous couple, try doing water sports, such as kayaking.

For couples who would rather stay on land, a great option close to Omana is a special place for horse tours that will make you both get to know Waiheke differently. Sharing this ride with your partner will be one of the great memories from a love celebration.

Enjoy the wonders of Waiheke on your honeymoon

Staying in, enjoying each other’s company should be enough on your honeymoon, but you may also want to experience the island to the fullest. So our suggestion to you is to check more ideas of romantic things to do in Waiheke and plan the best moments time has seen.

If you are planning on having a Waiheke honeymoon, you’ve already made the right choice. This is a heavenly place on Earth, and we will certainly help you to have the best start on this lovely journey as a married couple.

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