Private beach villa: the perfect accommodation in Waiheke

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Private beach villa: the perfect accommodation in Waiheke
February 23, 2022

When searching for a special getaway for two, a private beach villa makes for a perfect accommodation in Waiheke. Even though there are a number of things to do on the island, it is essential for couples to spend quality time together and reconnect with each other.

This is why throughout this article, you will understand a bit more about our luxury villas, some of their incredible details, and more information to make your trip to Waiheke Island simply unforgettable.

Why stay in a private beach villa?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose a private beach villa for your stay in Waiheke, such as:

  • Luxury;
  • Privacy;
  • Abundance;
  • Exclusiveness;
  • Independence;
  • Peace and tranquillity.

A romantic getaway should feel like the ultimate time for rest and relaxation, which is why you and your partner deserve a more secluded accommodation with a private beach.

Waiheke is a place that already makes guests feel they are thousands of miles away, even though it’s so close to Auckland. It’s possible to reach the island within a 35-minute ferry ride from the city, or less than 10 minutes if you are coming by helicopter.

This piece of land brings an invitation to leave the mundane behind and make an open encounter with peace so that you can have moments of pure joy with a loved one.

Add a private beach villa to that, and you will leave wondering when you’ll be coming back to restore yourself again. Each trip can be different, but to Waiheke, we believe it must be memorable.

What are our private villas like?

Omana Luxury Villa is made of four spacious and designed villas, immersed in nature and breathtaking views of the ocean. The villas have meaningful names – Joy, Haven, Surrender and Serenity – that will hopefully inspire our guests in their stay.

Each one of them has a total of 73 square meters, including a terrace, from where you can marvel at the beautiful views, watch the sunrise and listen to the incredible sounds of nature. The beautiful Woodside Bay, where the private beach is located, will be your daily companionship the moment you open your eyes.

If your plan is to spend quality time indoors after a day filled with activities in Waiheke, you may want to have a sip of still or sparkling water, which comes naturally from the tap installed in our luxury villas.

This special idea was not only for the good of our guests but also for the good of the environment, as we can be free from all the wasted plastic bottles.

In luxury accommodation, sustainability is vital, and it’s an important part of Omana’s values. No wonder we are also energy-efficient, with solar panels that provide power to the villas.

And there is much more to each of our villas, such as a majestic bed, a bathtub with a view, TV entertainment, a daily gourmet breakfast and other amenities and features.

How to get to the private beach?

On Omana’s magnificent land, there’s a unique path that goes down to the private beach. All our visitors have to do is to follow a bushwalk for only ten minutes. Move with grace and admire the nature that surrounds you throughout the walk.

If you would like to reach the beach by car, that is also an amazing option. The short drive to the beach is less than 1 km, and you will see Destiny Bay Vineyard along the way.

Our villa’s private beach is filled with beauty, from where you will hear the wonderful sound of the ocean, refresh yourself in the water and rest. Take a book with you and watch the time flow away.

What are the other beaches in Waiheke?

Once you have indulged in the exclusiveness of Omana’s private beach, you may want to try others. This beautifully octopus-shaped island has many options of beaches for visitors to discover and enjoy – and even go snorkeling.

It’s quite easy to get around Waiheke by car, and you can also count on bike rentals and other transport options.

So let’s get you to the beaches! Some of them are listed below.

Oneroa Beach

This is the number one beach on Waiheke Island, and you will certainly discover its beauty. Located in the main village, it’s a great place to walk and search for tasteful restaurants and cafés.

Little Oneroa Beach

If you liked the private beach villa option, you might as well find this beauty quite interesting. Little Oneroa is small and more secluded, more towards the east of Oneroa Beach.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is practically an invitation for a nice swim just to look at it, so it tends to be more attractive to families with children.

Onetangi Beach

One of the greatest beaches in Waiheke for long walks, as it stretches for 2 km. It’s a lovely spot for seeing the Pohutukawa Trees.

Blackpool Beach 

For the water sports fans, Blackpool is definitely an amazing option to go kayaking. If you would like to try paddle boarding, this is also your place.

Much more to do in Waiheke

It is also good to remember that Waiheke is not all about going to the beach – even though this is a fantastic option. There are a number of things you can do on the island, such as:

  • Cycling;
  • Restaurants;
  • Wine tasting;
  • Walking and hiking;
  • Open art and galleries;
  • Olive and olive oil tasting.

As mentioned, one of the main activities in Waiheke is certainly wine tasting. With over 30 boutique wineries on the island, you and your partner may want to discover new flavors and take home a memory from this perfect getaway.

Also, try delicious food that is served in a great number of restaurants, from local to international cuisines.

If you would like more information and some recommendations, not only about our private beach villa, we will be more than happy to share our personal favorites prior to your stay.

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