Day trips from Auckland: discover Waiheke Island

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Day trips from Auckland: discover Waiheke Island
June 29, 2022

One of the best day trips from Auckland is certainly Waiheke Island. It takes only 35 minutes on the ferry, or even less than that on a private flight, to arrive at a place that can be easily described as heaven on earth.

If you are looking for short trips from Auckland that will help you unwind and feel you are a world away, Waiheke should be on top of your list. The island is the perfect place for travellers in search of some time on stunning beaches, verdant nature, good wine, tasty food and rich culture.

Throughout this article, we are going to guide you through the wonders of Waiheke, and why you should consider making not only a day trip here but also planning a longer stay – especially for a romantic celebration, as this is an ideal honeymoon destination.

Day trips from Auckland

Before we carry on telling you all about this paradise island, let’s share some other day trips from Auckland that may interest you.

  1. Puhoi: a historic spot, surrounded by beautiful nature, only 50 km north of Auckland.
  2. Waitomo Caves: a spectacular place to visit, filled with ancient history, just over a 2-hour drive from Auckland.
  3. The Coromandel: home to pristine beaches that can be reached within less than an hour from Auckland.
  4. Rotorua: ideal for travellers looking for natural hot springs, and it takes less than three hours drive.
  5. Taupo: for the adventurous souls, Lake Taupo is one of the best day trips from Auckland; it takes less than three hours away.
  6. Waiheke Island: an octopus-shaped island that is perfect for a romantic getaway – and you will learn more about it below!

Day trip to Waiheke Island

Among the day trips from Auckland – from a list that goes beyond the spots mentioned above –, Waiheke is one of the most cherished by local and international visitors. All it takes is for you to hop on the passenger ferry, and arrive at the island within 35 minutes, as we said earlier in the article.

Ferry going to Waiheke, one of the day trips from Auckland

You can also take the car ferry, which will take a bit longer, just around 45 minutes, and that is still a great deal for a single day of enjoyment, isn’t it?

Furthermore, if you want to make the journey even more secluded and special, there are private flight services available, as well as water taxis.

Once you arrive here, there are different ways to get around Waiheke, such as:

Boat going to Waiheke, one of the day trips from Auckland

What to do in Waiheke on a day trip from Auckland

Now that you know how to get around the island, it’s time to explore its wonders!

Although it’s worth it to spend more nights in Waiheke, it’s possible to have a fantastic short amount of time here. So, if you only have a day to spend in Waiheke, it’s recommended that you make plans, so you’ll be able to enjoy these precious hours to the fullest.

Here are some suggestions for a day trip to Waiheke, especially if you are coming with a loved one on a romantic holiday.

Have a special brunch at Oneroa Beach

Start your day by having a brunch at Oneroa, the main village of Waiheke and where the most known beach is located. After savouring delicious food, go explore the beach.

Go on an eco-adventure

Take all the energy you got from a tasty breakfast and use it all in an eco-adventure. You may want to try ziplining across the native bush or go on a long walk along over a mile of Onetangi beach’s coastline.

Find beauty in local art

Now it’s time to cool down and find something to marvel at. Waiheke is the place for art, from galleries to open-air exhibitions. So come explore and value the beauties of expression and creativity.

Taste Waiheke wine

The soil of this island is blessed with rich nutrients that end up leading to tasteful wine to be appreciated all over the country and the world.

So to begin the ending of a perfect day, take yourself and your loved one to a restaurant or a wine tasting tour. Or maybe both, all at once, in places like Batch Winery or Tantalus Estate Vineyard – where we are in the picture below.

Friends in Waiheke, one of the day trips from Auckland

Have more than a day trip in Waiheke

So what could you do differently if you had more than a day trip in Waiheke? For a start, you would be able to calmly appreciate the island and include more things to do, as well as find peaceful rest in a luxury accommodation for your special getaway.

At Omana Luxury Villa, for instance, would you have access to a private beach, and spend some quality and quiet time with your loved one. Just listening to the sounds of nature.

Breakfast with a view in Villa Joy, Omana

Immersed in nature, yet close to all the fun

Our luxury villas are immersed in nature, atop a hill that will have you marvelling at the stunning ocean view. Although you will feel as if you were far from everything, you are only a 10-minute drive from restaurants and all the island has to offer.

Day trips from Auckland are a good option to get some rest and fresh air, but travelling gets even better when you have more time to spend on a memorable holiday.

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