Walks in Waiheke: 5 best hikes and tracks

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Walks in Waiheke: 5 best hikes and tracks
August 24, 2022

Do you feel like reconnecting with nature, yourself, and your loved one? The walks in Waiheke are great for couples. Besides experiencing a nice moment together, you can also tighten your bond by sharing a goal and helping each other out when needed.

As you may know, New Zealand is an incredible country for outdoor activities, and Waiheke is only a short ferry ride from Auckland, which makes it perfect not only for a long but also for a quick getaway. Do we have your attention? So, please, tag along.

5 walks in Waiheke

To help you bond with nature, and your partner, while allowing yourself to be amazed by the beauty of Waiheke Island, we've gathered five of the top tracks and hikes to present to you. All perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer stay.

Some beaches are great for walks in Waiheke

#1 Rocky Bay’s Te Whau Loop

We'll begin with a walk in Waiheke that can be considered an "easy" route and a nice choice for those who enjoy hiking, mountain biking or simply taking a walk: the Rocky Bay's Te Whau Loop.

If you want some quiet and beautiful views while taking some time exploring the nature of the island, this is a good call for you. The views across the bays are quite… spectacular!

The 7-mile walk is expected to take around 2h50 to be completed, and you can experience it even with your dog. You might be glad to know there are many different spots to sit, take a break, and just appreciate the surroundings.

#2 Waiheke Island Short Loop

Another great option on our list of walks in Waiheke is the Waiheke Island Short Loop, which is considered a "moderately challenging" route.

This cliff-hugging walk is going to be a good call if you are up to a few stairs and hills along the 3.4-mile route that usually takes about 1h30 to be completed.

So, yes, there are plenty of ups and downs, and it might not be a friendly walk for young children, but quite an interesting choice for the grown-ups that want to accomplish something new together. Ready?

3# Hekerua Bay to Palm Beach Loop

This is a popular choice among the walks in Waiheke. The Hekerua Bay to Palm Beach Loop is considered "easy", and mixes walking tracks, beaches, and residential streets.

You can enjoy a nice view on the lookout and encounter many birds along the walking path and its 4.6-mile route usually takes 2h to be completed.

Be aware that this route goes by the western end of Palm Beach, which is a nude beach.

#4 Hitapa Bay to Kauakarau Bay

The track from Hitapa Bay to Kauakaru Bay consists of a 3-mile route that can be considered "moderated" once the path can be quite irregular or narrow at times.

If you are up to something a bit more challenging, this is going to be a nice choice, and you are going to be rewarded with amazing views! It usually takes hikers an average of 1h20 to complete this route, but take your time and watch your steps, okay?

#5 Whakanewha Regional Park (varied)

To close our list of great walks in Waiheke, we suggest you consider the many options inside the Whakanewha Regional Park on the southern side of the Island.

Choosing the park is an excellent idea due to the stunning coastal forest, cascading streams, and of course, the beach.

The "easy" tracks include Pā Loop Track and Rua Loop Track ― each would take you 30 minutes to complete ―, and also Nikau Track and the Park Walk ― each would take about 2h30.

Other outdoor activities in Waiheke

And if you are looking forward to enjoying your time with something other than walks in Waiheke, we have suggestions for different tastes and moods:

  • Relaxing on a private beach

Amongst the things to do in Waiheke, enjoying the peace of our private and exclusive beach is something that couldn't be out of the list. 

You'll have nothing else to do but enjoy the beautiful view while listening to the magic sound of the waves. A nice moment to catch up on your reading or spend some quality time with your beloved one.

  • Go kayaking or SUP

If you are up to exploring Waiheke’s waters and having some fun, the kayak and the stand-up paddle are one-of-a-kind experiences, as they allow you to observe the ocean from a different perspective.

Always good to know: there are guided kayaking tours that will take you to beautiful swimming spots. The activity is quite popular amongst visitors and isn't hard to find providers.

  • Taking horse tours

Last but not least, what about taking a therapeutic horse tour to recharge your batteries? Another excellent call for those who want full immersion in nature waits for you nearby Omana Luxury Villa.

Horse rides are an alternative to walks in Waiheke

Walking and transportation in Waiheke

We are talking of a fairly big island, so it’s good that you find ways to get around it. When you're not taking one of the walks in Waiheke, you can get around by taxi and executive transport, buses (including Hop-on hop-off tour), or even on a Scooter or Segway.

One of our recommendations, though, is for you to rent a car or hire a private driver that will take you to the wonders of this piece of land.

In any case, we suggest you arrange this before your arrival so, once here, you'll have nothing to worry about but to enjoy the opportunity of taking a break from your day-to-day obligations, and relax immersed in nature.

Pack a pair of good, comfortable shoes and enjoy the walks in Waiheke.

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