Top Waiheke accommodation for architecture lovers

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Top Waiheke accommodation for architecture lovers
August 8, 2023

When travelling, architecture and interior design can profoundly impact your overall experience. In Waiheke, you can find accommodation that transcends the ordinary and can take you to an entirely different level of tranquillity and relaxation.

We know it is not just about finding any accommodation, it is about finding a place where you can experience your passion for travel and architecture together, like a dream coming true. At Omana Luxury Villa, you can get the best of these two worlds!

What makes a top Waiheke accommodation for architecture lovers?

A top Waiheke accommodation for architecture lovers offers a truly immersive experience that celebrates the artistry of design. This becomes something even more interesting if we're talking about a private villa on the island, such as Omana.

Here are some key aspects that make Omana stand out for architecture and design enthusiasts looking for serenity and luxury in Waiheke:

1) Location

Omana is located on stunning land atop a hill, on almost four hectares of verdant land, which provides guests with the perfect opportunity to take in the island's natural beauty.

And besides being a secluded place, it provides easy access to the island's main attractions, including historic buildings and constructions with a wide variety of architectural styles.

2) Architectural concept

The projects of four private villas ― Serenity, Surrender, Haven and Joy ― showcase a thoughtfully crafted architectural concept to provide you with the luxury of abundance to help you reconnect with yourself, your loved one and nature.

Each villa is a spacious 69.3 square meters with uninterrupted sea and forest views. High ceilings create an air of freedom, the strategic design allows abundant natural light that floods the interiors to create a perfect connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.

3) Design and integration

The villas were designed to seamlessly integrate with the island's natural surroundings. In a heartbeat, you can swing open the doors and immerse yourself in the energy and birdsong of the island's breathtaking environment.

The interiors are detailed and perfectly blend traditional and modern elements, with a touch of Brazilian-hearted inspiration from one of Omana's owners, high-quality furnishings, curated decor, and attention to detail in every aspect of the interior spaces should complement the overarching design vision.

Located at an elevated position, giving you splendid sea views, Villa Serenity is an invitation to relaxation, while Villa Surrender combines classic design and new decor to provide you with an elegant and comfortable space.

Villa Haven is located atop a hill that allows you to admire breathtaking views across the ocean and will transport you to a perfectly calm state of mind. Last but not least, Villa Joy is a personal oasis that perfectly balances tranquillity, sophistication and playfulness.

4) Stunning views

Omana is in a very privileged and secluded location on the island. All the accommodations boast breathtaking views of Waiheke's natural splendour.

You can relax in an oversized bathtub while taking a glance at the shining blue ocean or enjoy your breakfast on the balcony while observing the green land surroundings to reconnect with nature and find all the tranquillity you deserve.

5) Sustainability and eco-friendliness

A sustainable accommodation is on the radar of a crescent of architecture lovers around the globe and Omana's villas demonstrate a greener way on Waiheke Island.

We commissioned the highly regarded New Zealand architect Pete Bossley to design the villas to the highest standards of sustainability. Building products are all environmentally certified and bought locally where possible.

All water requirements are met via rain, our own borehole and spring water. On every private villa, the kitchenette tap has spring and sparkling water, dismissing the usage of bottles.

Our electricity requirements are met by solar energy generated by solar panels and excess electricity is fed into the grid top-up requirements are provided by Mercury Energy which is a provider of sustainable electricity.

In this way, we meet our purpose and share our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices with conscious travellers who appreciate environmentally responsible design.

6) Amenities and wellbeing

Last but not least, architecture lovers looking for a private villa will enjoy Omana's sustainable luxury and secluded accommodation that offers complete privacy and a panoramic view of the nature surrounding the villas.

The villas are equipped with king-sized heavenly beds explicitly made for the Omana experience and oversized hot tubs. A private paradise where you can also enjoy a rejuvenating massage session.

Enjoy the best of two worlds, travel and architecture!

If you want to, you can learn more about Omana to have an even more clear idea of what waits for you when visiting one of the best islands in the world and choosing to stay with us.

During the warmer seasons, you can relax by the ocean, hopping from one beautiful beach to another. When the weather is cold, you can take wine-tasting tours in award-winning vineyards around the island. And so much more.

At any moment, stay with us!

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