Escape to an unforgettable eco-luxury retreat on Waiheke Island

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Escape to an unforgettable eco-luxury retreat on Waiheke Island
July 4, 2024

Distinguished travellers are always searching for unparalleled quality services that also have sustainability in mind. When it comes to accommodation founded in sustainable luxury, there’s no need to choose between one or the other. This is how we would like to introduce you to an unforgettable eco-luxury retreat on Waiheke Island, Auckland.

Omana Luxury Villa immersed in nature and surrounded by the ocean

Think of you opening your eyes to be bathed in the golden glow of sunrise, the vast expanse of the Hauraki Gulf shimmering before you. Lush Waiheke Island unfolds beneath your private balcony, a tapestry of emerald forests that meet the turquoise embrace of the ocean. This is your welcome at Omana Luxury Villa, an eco-retreat nestled atop a hill, where the ultimate luxury meets a deep reverence for nature.

Meet your eco-luxury retreat on Waiheke Island

The eco-retreat concept isn't just a trend at Omana; it's the very foundation upon which our private paradise was built. From the very beginning, the project has been guided by a deep respect for Waiheke's natural beauty. Sustainable practices were prioritised, ensuring your luxurious escape leaves a flattering footprint on this captivating island.

This devotion to nature has been recognised, making Omana an awarded boutique hotel on Waiheke Island – our luxury villas now carry the prestigious Gold certification by Qualmark in the Sustainable Tourism Business category and a 5-Star Boutique & Lodge rating.

Four luxury villas immersed in nature

Living sustainably, luxuriating unforgettably

At Omana, eco-consciousness translates to tangible actions that elevate your experience. 

We have helped regenerate the forest and local environment by planting several hundred native plants to increase the native fauna and flora coverage of our land.

We have included our guests in this mission through a partnership with Trees That Count to convert every booking into a gift to nature. You get a holiday, and nature gets a tree. 

Also, all water requirements are met via rain, our own borehole and spring water. Each private villa has a kitchenette tap with filtered and sparkling water – forget the plastic bottles!

An equipped kitchenette in Villa Haven

Solar energy is generated by solar panels on Villa Serenity's roof and stored in a battery stack in the plant room under Villa Haven. We are also electric car friendly, providing EV chargers for guests.

Omana Luxury Villa's car park, with EV charger

An eco-luxury retreat that values its community

One key aspect of our eco-luxury retreat on Waiheke Island is that we embrace Manaakitanga, a powerful concept about how the Maori communities care about each other's wellbeing. 

For example, our daily breakfast is a testament to Omana's commitment – a symphony of fresh, locally sourced ingredients delivered directly to your villa, leaving you invigorated and ready to explore.

Imagine indulging in a steaming cup of tea, savouring the rich aroma while knowing it supports local producers.

Breakfast with a view at Omana Luxury Villa

An eco-retreat refined within

But what does it look like when you enter this eco-sanctuary? Make no mistake, you’ll be met with unparalleled indulgence when you step inside your haven. Floor-to-ceiling windows blur the lines between the breathtaking panorama and the meticulously designed interior.

Eco-retreat shows luxurious interiors and nature views

Locally sourced, sustainable materials create an atmosphere of warmth and elegance, while energy-efficient appliances ensure your comfort doesn't come at the expense of the environment.

Nature invites a mindfulness and wellness retreat

One of our suggestions for leaving the world behind is to have a bath in your villa’s oversized bathtub while marvelling at the ocean. This is just one part of your relaxation experience with us. 

A warm bath with stunning ocean view

With a privileged location for relaxation, Omana has curated wellness retreats for individuals and couples, including yoga sessions and massages

Yoga session with a stunning ocean view

Eco-luxury retreat with a private beach

Omana's commitment to nature extends beyond the confines of your villa. Your luxury accommodation is only a short walk or drive from a private beach, where you can soak in the sun, walk your worries away, and let the rhythmic sounds of nature guide you.

Beyond the indulgence of an eco-retreat

As part of our tailored services, we invite guests to embark on a guided nature walk alongside passionate local experts, learning about the island's unique ecosystem.

Nature hikes and walks on Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island also offers a range of outdoor activities for all tastes, such as kayaking. Imagine going through secluded coves, the gentle lapping of waves against your vessel, the soundtrack to your serene exploration.

The essence of eco-luxury at Omana

Discerning travellers aren’t looking just for a luxurious escape but a commitment to sustainable luxury. 

Omana Luxury Villa is a place where indulgence and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. An eco-luxury retreat where you’ll not just be treating yourself to an unforgettable experience; you'll become a part of the solution, ensuring this island paradise remains a haven for generations.

Escape the ordinary. Book your stay!

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