Yoga and wellness retreats on Waiheke Island

Friday, January 5, 2024

Yoga and wellness retreats on Waiheke Island
January 5, 2024

To unwind, feel reconnected, rejuvenated and replenished. These are the ultimate goals of a holiday. Isn’t it the same for yoga and wellness retreats? So think of combining both of the best worlds on Waiheke Island, a stunning piece of land, only a 40-minute ferry ride or a 12-minute helicopter flight from Auckland, New Zealand.

Booking a holiday in such a heavenly spot on Earth is enough to restore your peace of mind. Yet, at our luxurious villas, we thought of a way to make your wellness journey even more relaxing and complete.

Wellness journey on Waiheke Island

Now, let’s imagine turquoise waters lapping against pristine beaches, sunlight dappling through native bush, and the gentle scents of nature carried on a warm breeze.

In this idyllic setting, not only are you experiencing the raw beauty of Waiheke Island, but you're also embarking on a journey of inner discovery at Omana Luxury Villa. 

We’re set atop a hill on Woodside Bay and welcome you to the world of yoga and wellness retreats, where you can quickly shift your focus from sightseeing to soul-searching.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Well, first things first. Let’s remember why yoga deserves its place in everyone’s hearts. Yoga, with its ancient wisdom and diverse practices, offers several benefits to one’s soul. From increased flexibility and strength to reduced stress and anxiety, a regular yoga practice can be absolutely life-changing.

Now, imagine magnifying those blessings by practising amidst the stunning grandeur of nature. Breathe in the fresh island air, feel the sun warm your skin on an ocean front balcony (where you can also get a massage), and let the rhythm of the natural world guide your movements.

In this environment, mindful movement becomes effortless, and meditation finds a natural cadence.

Yoga and wellness retreats on Waiheke Island

Why choose our luxury villas on Waiheke Island for your yoga and wellness retreat? Nestled in the Hauraki Gulf, less than an hour from Auckland, Waiheke is a secluded haven where time slows down and nature takes centre stage.

Lush hills roll down to secluded coves, vineyards weave their way through the landscape, and charming cafés and local art galleries dot the picturesque towns. This vibrant yet peaceful island provides the perfect backdrop for a retreat that nourishes both body and soul.

Add yoga to all of that and you’ve found paradise! At Omana Luxury Villa, guests can choose from our exclusive yoga and mindful sessions and retreats:

  • Yoga or Mindfulness for one
  • Yoga, Mindfulness, or Mindful Walks for couples
  • Exclusive Mini Mindful Wellbeing Retreat

We would be delighted to share more information upon booking your stay with us.

Is this a yoga retreat for you?

Individuals, couples and a pair of friends looking for a holistic experience will discover wonders in this yoga retreat.

For those seeking solace, Waiheke offers a quiet embrace. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the island, find your inner yogi amongst the whispering trees, and discover a renewed sense of peace within.

For couples and a pair of friends, the island provides a chance to reconnect on a deeper level. Share mindful moments during a yoga session, bond over sunset picnics, and rekindle the spark of connection through shared experiences.

Yoga retreats are a wholesome experience

Tailor it to your taste, but shall we picture a day on your wellness getaway at Omana?

A yoga retreat isn't just a session on a mat; it's a wholesome experience woven into the fabric of your holiday. At Omana, you’ll be waking up to the ocean serenade and a flavoursome breakfast delivered to your door, followed by a gentle morning yoga flow in your private villa or on its exclusive balcony.

The day could unfold with invigorating mindful walks through native forests – perhaps take the bush walk to the private beach? –, a revitalizing in-villa massage, and a warm bath in your oversized ocean-marvelling bathtub.

If still early, follow it with leisurely lunches in stunning vineyards. Then, recollect yourself for a sunset meditation on the beach.

Find your way back to your villa and savour a two-course dinner beneath starry skies, and share laughter with your loved one. Every element of your stay becomes a mindful practice, weaving a tapestry of wellness and rejuvenation.

Come on a wellness holiday

So, whether you're a yogi seeking an immersive retreat, a couple wanting to rekindle the romance, or a solo traveller longing for quiet contemplation, Waiheke Island beckons you with its serene beauty and welcoming spirit.

Imagine yourself at our luxury villa, your private sanctuary overlooking the vast ocean. Open the doors to your retreat, and feel your worries melt away.

Ready to embark on your Waiheke yoga and wellness retreat? Come stay with us!


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