Come on a helicopter to Waiheke

Monday, October 10, 2022

Come on a helicopter to Waiheke
October 10, 2022

What is the best way to travel around? We bet this conversation could last hours, but we'll make it simple: you should consider taking a helicopter to Waiheke when visiting the island.

Waiheke is super close to Auckland, especially when travelling by air on a private flight. So, in this article, we share some of the greatest reasons to book a helicopter to Waiheke, and give you tips on the best private flight companies you can choose from!

5 reasons to come to Waiheke on a helicopter

Yes, you do have other options to get to Waiheke whenever you decide to visit us, but here are the reasons why you should come by helicopter from downtown Auckland to the island:

  1. To get to Waiheke faster

Often, when travelling, arriving at the destination is the most awaited moment once it means that a special time has finally begun. If you agree with that, you'll easily understand why taking a helicopter to Waiheke is a good idea since it is the fastest way to get here.

This reason is even more important if you are heading to the island for lunch at one of the famous wineries we have around here for a quick getaway. Saving precious time is always a good idea, don't you think?

  1. To enjoy the convenience of coming by air

Convenience means taking a flight straight to a restaurant, a winery, or your accommodation on the island. For example, if you are coming to Omana, you can land on one of the helipads that are only a few minutes away from our luxurious private villas:

  • Waiheke Wings – 171 Carsons Road, 1971 Waiheke Island

The helicopter companies offer luxurious flights for multiple passengers and nice luggage capacity. The details about the number of people such as the size and weight of the luggage should be checked out with the company of your preference.

  1. To get more privacy on your travel

Are you looking forward to not having to worry about anything at all? Privacy is one of the conditions that allow us to be more relaxed and, therefore, able to leave all the stress and concerns away.

When Rita Ora and Taika Waititi came to Waiheke
Rita Ora and Taika Waititi came to Waiheke and stayed at Omana Luxury Villa

When choosing to take a helicopter to Waiheke, your moments of peace and tranquillity begin even sooner once the fight can take you straight to your destination and with minimum disturbance.

This can be something even more important if you're planning a romantic getaway and want to have more intimacy with your loved one. Helicopter flights can make an anniversary celebration ― or any other special date ― a lot more remarkable!

  1. To appreciate the aerial view

As you know, New Zealand is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes and this is something you can appreciate from a different perspective when taking a helicopter to Waiheke.

We know feelings are somewhat personal, but some might say that the aerial view on the way to the island is breathtaking. Interested to figure out how you might describe this experience? So are we!

  1. To have a more special experience

Speaking of which, another thing you need to know is that helicopters make luxury travelling even a greater experience.

Just think for one second about combining a private flight, luxury accommodation, a private beach, premium wine tasting, and classy restaurants. Wow, quite a unique experience, right?

It is also worth mentioning that you can also take an aerial tour around the island to get a full Waiheke experience.

Private flight companies

If you were convinced by the reasons we gave to take a plane or a helicopter to Waiheke, what you need now is to know where or how to find yourself a private helicopter service, such as Heletranz, our preferred partner. Other services include:

All of them can provide you with a great experience when coming to the island. We suggest that you check their Instagram profiles and websites to know more about the services, helicopters, pricing and other details.

Other ways to get to Waiheke Island

And if the idea of taking a helicopter to Waiheke actually didn't resonate with you or if you simply want to know what other options you have, we are here to help with other transport to Waiheke possibilities:

Passenger ferry from Auckland Downtown

Perhaps the easiest way to get to Waiheke Island is by taking a journey on the Island Direct ferry, which can be booked here. The passenger ferry takes circa 40 minutes, so in less than one hour you will reach paradise. You may also be interested in the Fullers Ferry, and you can check the timetable on their website.

Car Ferry from Half Moon Bay and Wynyard Quarter, Auckland City

Another option is to get to Waiheke on your own vehicle by taking a car ferry. The service is provided by Sealink, and in this case, the trip takes about 45 minutes.

Private Water Taxi from Auckland Downtown

Last but not least, if you want something a bit more exclusive, you can opt for a private water taxi service like the one offered by the Auckland Sea Shuttles.

This service allows you to make your own schedule, as you can book your transportation to suit your convenience.


Definitely, you don't have to take a helicopter to Waiheke Island. As we mentioned, this is not even the only way to get here. Although, it is the fastest way and the only one to provide you with an experience that combines luxury, privacy and gorgeous aerial views!

Ready to come? Stay with us!

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