Couples' getaway near Auckland

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Couples' getaway near Auckland
August 10, 2022

If you are looking for a couples’ getaway near Auckland, consider learning a bit more about Waiheke Island. This heavenly piece of land is one of the top destinations for lovebirds who desire a serene holiday escape.

The whole idea of taking some time to travel with your loved one is to get some quality time and reconnect with yourselves, isn’t it? It can be either for a honeymoon, anniversary celebration, or even a weekend getaway to free your minds and bodies from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

So check your calendar now, and set the date and place to spend amazing moments with your loved one.

Ideas for couples’ getaway near Auckland

Before we start explaining why Waiheke should be on your bucket list for a love celebration, let's think of other couples’ getaways near Auckland.

  • The Coromandel: one of the top romantic destinations, less than an hour's drive from Auckland.
  • Puhoi: amazing spot for nature lovers, and it’s about 50 km from Auckland.
  • Rotorua: fantastic destination with natural hot springs, around three hours drive from the city.

Now you are going to discover more about Waiheke as a perfect couple’s getaway near Auckland.

Waiheke for a couples' getaway near Auckland

There are many reasons behind Waiheke being ideal for a couples’ getaway near Auckland. So let’s start with its location.

1. It’s indeed a couples’ getaway near Auckland

Waiheke is only a 35-minute ferry ride away from Auckland, which makes the island an amazingly strategic couples’ getaway. There’s no need to drive long distances, or even head to the airport, to treat yourselves to an actual holiday.

Boat trip for a couples getaway near Auckland

Although we love travelling around the world, isn’t it great when you can find an escape close to home, but that still gives you a feeling of being far from the routine? That’s what you will get when coming to Waiheke.

Besides the passenger ferry, there are other ways to get to Waiheke as well, such as:

If you’re not coming with your own car, just remember to make arrangements for your transportation here, such as booking a car rental or a driver.

2. Stunning beaches (including a private beach)

Going to the beach sure makes us feel replenished, right? When thinking of a couples’ getaway near Auckland, Waiheke is surrounded by an emerald ocean that awaits you.

If you and your loved one are looking for a bit more privacy, we at Omana Luxury Villa are glad to offer our guests access to a private beach in our beloved Woodside Bay, which can be seen from our villa’s views, like the picture below. This secluded spot will certainly be the cherry on top of your romantic escape.

Breakfast with a view during a couples getaway near Auckland

3. Wine tastings and tours

Waiheke is very much known for its delicious wine and for offering amazing tours and tastings to make your couples’ getaway a wonderful experience. Our luxury villas are only a few minutes drive from boutique wineries, such as Batch (the closest to Omana), Tantalus and Stonyridge.

Also, Destiny Bay Vineyard is adjacent to our luxury accommodation, making the surroundings even more breathtaking.

Stunning view during a couples getaway near Auckland

4. Art galleries and exhibitions

The restaurants in Waiheke will certainly add taste to your couples’ getaway near Auckland. Find local and international cuisine in areas such as Oneroa and Onetangi beaches, just as well as in the wineries we mentioned above.

5. Art galleries and exhibitions

Not only does Waiheke offer a reconnection with nature, but also with its culture. Spend some quality time with your loved one, appreciating the beauties that are created by fantastic artists on this paradise land.

Marvel at the exhibitions in Waiheke Community Art Gallery and TOI Gallery – in fact, the birds in our Villa Joy come from TOI’s artist Sally Smith.

6. Outdoor activities and much more

For visitors who prefer an adventurous couples’ getaway near Auckland, Waiheke offers water sports, such as standup paddle and kayaking, hiking and so many other activities to keep you entertained.

Why not go horseback riding? Or even see the island on a Segway? It can all be done here, making the island an amazing holiday escape.

Couples’ getaways are wonderful honeymoon destinations

It’s always good to have in mind that holiday escapes such as Waiheke are designed for couples having their honeymoon. In fact, wedding proposals, celebrations and renewal of vows ceremonies are amazing ideas on this island.

Couple relaxing in a bathtub in their getaway near Auckland

Think of stunning settings, such as the beach or a vineyard, to have the most perfect memory with your loved one. Add a luxury villa, with an ocean view and a private beach as your accommodation, and you’ll be all set for lovely moments for two.

Furthermore, if you both feel like having family and friends around your wedding or vows renewal, since it’s a destination close to Auckland, it also gets much easier to invite loved ones to witness the beautiful celebration.

Make time for a romantic getaway

Now that you know why Waiheke is indeed an amazing idea for a couples’ getaway near Auckland, it’s time to book your accommodation. You can find out more about our luxury villas on your website.

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