Honeymoon Villas on Waiheke Island

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Honeymoon Villas on Waiheke Island
April 20, 2022

The greatest love celebration deserves a setting in one of the most romantic getaways. When looking for the best accommodation for such an occasion, couples are delighted to find honeymoon villas on Waiheke Island, a heavenly piece of land that makes you feel like a world away, yet it’s a short distance from Auckland city.

Waiheke is known not only for its stunning beaches but also for indulging pleasures like winery tours, restaurants, outdoor and water sports, music festivals, art, and so much more. In fact, some of the best things to do on the island are meant to be in the company of a loved one.

In a haven like Waiheke, honeymoon villas add comfort, luxury and a sense of exclusiveness to your special celebration. Set a private beach in this loving scenery, and you will discover accommodation like Omana Luxury Villa as your ideal destination.

Finding the perfect honeymoon destination

Wedding planning is a moment of joy for two lovebirds, but it also brings stress for many couples. Even though the pair are picking details of one of the most memorable events in a lifetime, they are absorbed in tough decisions and arrangements to be made for the special day.

Therefore, discovering a perfect honeymoon destination can certainly add happiness and fulfillment to such a stressful moment. It’s something to look forward to after a hectic period of planning and waiting.

Once you arrive at your honeymoon, you should feel that all that hard work has been paid off and you two will finally have some time to relax and be immersed in each other.

Couples search for honeymoon villas on Waiheke Island

How to choose a honeymoon destination

  • Where should it be, and how far should we go?
  • What should a perfect honeymoon look like?
  • What would we like to do there?
  • How many days should it last?
  • What’s the ideal budget?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but it’s certainly important to consider planning a trip that will inspire a real connection between you and your loved one. This is a moment to feel absolutely happy, the greatest step you both took.

It’s just as important to consider the kind of couple you are – perhaps more or less adventurous? –, the amount you are willing to invest in this trip, as it is to remember that your honeymoon is a unique moment of your lives.

No wonder so many couples turn to honeymoon villas for such celebration, for they are memorable and provide with all the comfort and abundance newlyweds should enjoy.

What to expect from honeymoon villas

To help you decide on how to choose honeymoon villas, here are some details that are always good to keep in mind and will help meet your expectations.

1. Placed on a paradise island

New Zealand itself is known for its wonders, and Waiheke Island meets all criteria for the perfect honeymoon, such as Mauritius, and the Island of Paros, in Greece.

The island can be reached within minutes on a helicopter or private plane, a boat, or on a 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland city.

Our honeymoon villas are in Waiheke

There are stunning beaches to enjoy all along and find the much-needed peace and quiet after a wedding celebration.

Honeymoon Villas in Waiheke

Our luxury villas are immersed in a majestic forest bathed by the sea of our beloved Woodside Bay. Omana takes great advantage of being on the top of the hill, surrounded by nature and stunning ocean views.

This strategic location makes our honeymoon villas secluded, ideal for couples looking for time just for themselves, with no crowd or fuss. Yet, we are still only a 10-minute drive from Waiheke’s amusements, such as restaurants, cafés and art galleries.

2. Blessed with a private beach

A honeymoon is a time to be spent far from the mundane, reserved for the new experiences of a loving couple. It deserves to be special, with exclusiveness.

Omana’s villas have access to a private beach, where our guests can stay peacefully, listening to the sound of the sea and nature life. You may choose to reach the beach on a bush walk or rather drive to it for a single mile.

Beaches on Waiheke Island

After enjoying the exclusivity of the private beach as part of our honeymoon villas, it is absolutely worth it to experience the other beaches on Waiheke Island, such as Onetangi, ideally for swimming and close to cafés and bars. You may also love to explore:

  • Oneroa Beach;
  • Little Oneroa Beach;
  • Palm Beach;
  • Blackpool Beach.

3. A breakfast with a view

Waking up to each other should be more than enough on a honeymoon, but you will have a surprise when opening the blackouts of Omana’s villas: a stunning ocean view.

Breakfast with a view in a honeymoon villa

After marveling at it from your majestic bed, take a few steps to the table and find some quality time for a gourmet breakfast, served daily in our luxury accommodation.

4. A kitchenette for your independence

Honeymoon villas are ideal for couples to feel independent and comfortable, with all that they need at their hands. At Omana, in each luxury villa, you will find a kitchenette equipped with appliances such as a coffee machine, a tap with sparkling and filtered chilled water, a microwave, and a toaster.

Have a sip of a coffee or tea made from the machine, and go to the terrace to marvel at the view.

5. A bath with an ocean view

Can it get more stunning than this? No matter where you go around your honeymoon villa, at Omana, you will spend your holiday surrounded by ocean views. Even during your relaxing bath time.

A bath with a view in a honeymoon villa

Sip some champagne to add a soothing touch.

Celebrate your love at Omana

We at Omana have a deep commitment to our guests’ satisfaction and work our best to make your stay memorable. Our honeymoon villas are designed to fulfill the desire for a profound connection between you and your loved one.

With a passion for traveling, a love for nature, and a strong sustainability mindset, we built our villas carefully and meticulously in one of the most blissful places on earth. It is all here for you to enjoy.

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