7 reasons to visit Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

7 reasons to visit Waiheke Island, New Zealand
September 21, 2022

Is there a holiday coming? Your vacation days are finally getting close? It's time to choose your next destination and our suggestion is, clearly, Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Our country is one of the best choices for nature lovers from around the world due to its stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches, and that is not everything you'll find here.

There are several possibilities for those seeking fun or relaxing, yet always memorable days. Continue reading to find out more and learn these amazing 7 reasons to visit Waiheke!

Holidays in New Zealand

New Zealanders are welcoming, the tropical weather is appealing and the landscapes are breathtaking. We know this might seem biased coming from us, but it's all true! No wonder why circa 3.9 million international tourists came to the island nation in 2019.

Visitors come from many different places, especially Australia, USA, and China, alongside tourists from other East Asia countries. No matter where you come from, you'll be welcome to come for a quick getaway on a holiday, or to enjoy a longer stay during your vacation time and, why not, your honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

New Zealand is used to and proud to be a place that attracts tourists from around the world and we are positive that at least one of the reasons below might convince you to visit us.

7 reasons to visit Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Without further ado, check out 7 great reasons to visit Waiheke at least once in your lifetime:

#1 Closeness to Auckland

One of the appealing aspects of Waiheke, New Zealand, is the closeness to Auckland, which makes it easier to come and go from the island. By choosing to go on a ferry, in only 35 minutes, you'll be enjoying your holiday in paradise.

Of course, you can always hire a private water taxi service such as the one provided by Auckland Sea Shuttles or take a helicopter.

Also worth knowing: Auckland is a great place to visit as well, after all, the 'City of Sails' and its charms offer different kinds of options for you to enjoy your holidays.

While we’re at it if you'd like to learn more about how to get around Waiheke Island, check out this article.

#2 Beautiful beaches (including our private one)

It should be no secret that Waiheke has incredible beaches where you can go to get enchanted by the sound of the waves, sunbathe while reading a book, and have fun swimming, kayaking and stand-up paddling.

Amazing beaches are part of the reasons to visit Waiheke

You can even enjoy the exclusiveness of Omana's access to a private beach while visiting us. It's a great experience for those seeking some peace and relaxation, and also a nice opportunity to enjoy the company of your loved one.

#3 Wine tours and great food

Besides the beaches, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, is also well known for its world-class wineries and restaurants.

Once here, you can take vineyard tours and go wine tasting ― choosing one of the 30+ wineries we have. And then, you can also enjoy a delicious meal to make your gastronomic experience even more remarkable.

We must say that the local cuisine is outstanding! For your information, our personal favourites include Ki Māha, Tantalus Estate Vineyard, Casita Miro and Fenice.

#4 Love celebration

Do you have a special person in your life and are thinking about spending your holidays celebrating love? We strongly support that!

Waiheke is perfect for couples on their honeymoon, anniversary celebration or a romantic getaway; after all, we don't always need a special occasion to celebrate love, right? 

Luxury accommodation is a reason to visit Waiheke Island

There are great places to stay, to visit and many activities that can help a couple tighten their bond, such as watching the sunset by the beach, enjoying a romantic dinner or even going for a walk to share some quality time in nature.

#5 Connection with nature

Since we mentioned nature, another reason to come visit Waiheke Island, New Zealand is the opportunity to be surrounded by our natural beauties. You might already know that the country and the island, especially, is a verdant place, right?

The experience of being surrounded by nature allows you to leave all the stress of your daily routine behind just to focus on relaxing, recharging your batteries, and reconnecting with yourself and your loved one.

There are several walks and tracks with different levels of difficulty if you really want to embrace the closeness to nature. The walls are an excellent choice for birdwatching, appreciating the landscape and taking gorgeous photos, and even releasing some endorphins to elevate the well-being sensation.

#6 Local art and culture

Do you believe art is food for the soul? If so, here is another reason to come to Waiheke Island, New Zealand: getting to know the beautiful pieces created by amazing artists.

In Alison Park, you'll find open-air sculptures, and at our Villa Joy, you'll find the birds from the TOI Gallery artist Sally Smith, for example. Additionally, you can take home a piece of antique from the vintage shops to always remember your vacation.

A honeymoon celebration is a reason to visit Waiheke Island

#7 Luxury accommodation

Finally, a great reason to come to Waiheke is knowing you'll have an amazing opportunity for a remarkable experience by choosing to stay in luxurious accommodation.

On Waiheke Island, New Zealand, you can find different options of beautiful private villas that can make you feel as comfortable as if you were at home.

This means that you would appreciate the outings, but also have reasons to simply relax at your accommodation and enjoy amenities such as big bathtubs with great views, king-sized beds and many other specially chosen elements that will make your trip even more fabulous!

At least, that is what Omana is ready to offer you. Stay with us!

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