Luxury private villas: meet this haven on Waiheke Island

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Luxury private villas: meet this haven on Waiheke Island
April 7, 2022

When we are looking for luxury private villas to make our holidays even more memorable, we usually imagine accommodation in stunning places like Greece, Majorca and Ibiza. The good news is that you will also find this perfect kind of stay in New Zealand, more specifically, on Waiheke Island.

Waiheke is one of the top romantic getaway destinations, and it can be reached within a short 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland. Another amazing option that makes the journey even more sophisticated is coming by helicopter, marveling at the views all along the way.

To find out more about how to get around Waiheke and all of the amazing things to do on the island, you can check out the articles in our blog section.

Waiheke is a top destination for couples

With beautiful beaches, wineries, culture and art, couples have it all for a wonderful time in Waiheke, especially because of the peace found all around the island.

With this in mind, Omana Luxury Villa owned the mission to add luxury, a sense of exclusiveness and beauty to a romantic trip close to Auckland.

So now we are going to share with you a bit more of the details of our luxury private villas to help you decide how to spend your holiday on Waiheke Island.

Luxury private villas on Waiheke Island

Omana is made of four designed and detailed villas, with an abundance of space within and in all of its surroundings. The luxury villas are nestled in a magnificent verdant area, set on top of a hill with a marvelous view of Woodside Bay.

With no less than 73 square meters of space, including a terrace where you can sit and relax while listening to the sounds of nature, each villa has a king-size bed facing the windows that will place your eyes on the most stunning view of the ocean.

Can you imagine having your daily served breakfast with a sea view?! This is one of the promises we make to you during your stay, and we guarantee it’ll be beautiful, not only on sunny but also on cloudy and rainy, yet cosy, days.

Luxury in a private beach villa

Once you feel tired of just looking at it, move on to actually feel the touch of the sea. But there’s no need to worry about finding a crowded beach; all you will find when staying at Omana is a secluded spot.

Drive down the road or adventure yourself on a bushwalk, and be on your way to a private beach where Omana’s guests are invited to spend some quiet and quality time.

Listen to the sound of the water and the birds that are a treasure to Waiheke Island. Omana is immersed in nature and was built to be in harmony with the natural world. That is why guests feel replenished and reconnected with themselves.

Sustainability is taken seriously

Each and every aspect of our luxury villas was considered carefully to meet high sustainability standards, which is why we are part of the Woodside Bay Association, to help control pests in the area and preserve flora and fauna.

The villas were a result of a thoughtful and caring project, and had the signature of the brilliant architect Pete Bossley.

Even though they may seem alike from the outside, their interiors prove that details do make a difference, with bespoke furnishings, art and so much more, as shown in our photo gallery.

Details of the luxury villas

Omana’s luxury private villas were given names that represent our values, missions and the hope of giving guests what they’re looking to find:

In each of the villas, here are some of the arrangements and features our guests will find:

  • California King bed (or two King Singles at Villa Serenity, upon request)
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Oversized bathtub
  • Well-equipped kitchenette

In the kitchenette, you will discover that the tap provides fresh sparkling and chilled filtered still water, which means ending the need for plastic bottles.

Guests also have appliances that will give them independence and comfort during their stay, such as:

  • Coffee machine
  • Toaster
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Fridge

Have a bath with a view

In our luxury private villas, a detail that stands out is the bathtub, carefully placed in a perfect spot in each of the accommodations: facing the ocean.

After a day of amusements around Waiheke, or even before going out to explore the island, immerse yourself in a warm bath, alone or in the company of your loved one.

When the evening is about to greet you, set the mood with a bottle of champagne and gaze at the twilight and wonders of nature.

Other amenities at Omana

When you choose to stay in a luxury villa, the trip gets a whole new meaning. Guests should feel more than welcome, they should have a sense they are comfortably at home, yet a world away from the mundane.

To help you find comfort, here are some amenities for our guests:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Temperature control (AC and heater)
  • Window panels control
  • Workspace area
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Flat-screen TV
  • High-quality sound system

Once you are comfortable with your luxury accommodation, it’s time to take yourself to the wonders of Waiheke.

Things to do in Waiheke

If you follow our social media, you will find up-to-date information about the best things to do in Waiheke. The island is known for its tasteful wines, so this is a number one recommendation.

But let’s make a list of Waiheke’s activities suggestions to help you plan your trip:

  • Go wine tasting – Batch Winery is one of our favorites, and it’s only a 7-minute drive from Omana;
  • Go olive oil and olive tasting;
  • Savor delicious local and international cuisine – there are some divine restaurants such as Ki Māha, Tantalus Estate and Stonyridge;
  • Ride a horse;
  • Do a helicopter tour;
  • Explore art galleries;
  • Discover sculptures in open-air exhibitions;
  • Adventure yourself in water sports such as kayaking;
  • Sit and relax on the beach – especially Omana’s private beach.

A haven for your reconnection

As you could see above, Waiheke is certainly the place to leave daily life behind and find a reconnection. It’s wonderful to feel distant from the mundane, without necessarily traveling far, right?

Add to your plans luxury private villas, with a secluded beach and ocean view, peace and comfort, and you will get the definition of a haven. Now it’s time for you to come!

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