7 places to eat and drink in Waiheke

Monday, February 27, 2023

7 places to eat and drink in Waiheke
February 27, 2023

What do you look for when spending some days off in a different place? Amazing accommodation, pleasant experiences and great food. In this article, we'll talk about where to go to eat and drink in Waiheke.

Tag along and prepare yourself to make reservations at the top restaurants on the island!

What to eat and drink in Waiheke?

There are many reasons to visit Waiheke and one of them is the food. Waiheke is one of the hot spots for local and international cuisine. This means that no matter where you come from, you can feel at home and also experience the new.

The island is also famous for its wine, gin and beer tastings, including award-winning beverages.

Top restaurants in Waiheke

The agenda for the year includes many interesting things to do in Waiheke in 2023 and as given, our focus here will be a list of restaurants that are a must for any food lover. Check it out:

1. The HEKE

The HEKE is a summer hit, gathering VIP guests. The reasons begin with the ambience: a wide open space with a lot of green, perfect for a relaxed meal shared with friends and family. The palace is also dog friendly.

They have an inside and an outside kitchen, so you can see your local fresh food being prepared in front of your eyes. There is a big sharing menu for those with time only for a single bite and also a wood-fired grill and an Italian wood-fired pizza oven.

At the HEKE you can also taste beer from Waiheke Brewing Co. and award-winning Waiheke Whisky.

2. Casita Miro

Another place to eat and drink in Waiheke is Casita Miro. The restaurant name might have given this away but it is worth mentioning that it specialised in Spain and wider Mediterranean cuisines. Muy sabroso!

Casita Miro is a great choice for long lunches and has a special fiesta menu from Thursday through to Monday, with dinner only on Saturday evenings.

Also from Thursday to Monday, weather permitting, their Cellar Door and Terrace is open for outdoor wine tastings, drinks and sharing boards on a walk-in casual basis.

3. Fenice

Of course, that was going to be an Italian restaurant on this list. Who wouldn't enjoy a delicious pizza and other dishes prepared with the best fresh seasonal products, right?

Fenice is loved by locals and visitors for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. Their menu changes regularly to accommodate new exciting discoveries, also including vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as gluten and dairy-free options.

The restaurant is also a fine choice for special functions such as birthday celebrations and others and has a private dining room that can host up to 14 guests that can be booked for an event.

4. Oyster Inn

The Oyster Inn is an award-winning bistro by chef and owner Josh Emett, who serves uncomplicated yet delicious dishes for lunch or dinner. You can also take a seat at the bar to enjoy a crisp glass of wine and relax.

Chef Josh rather uses sustainable and organic ingredients from local producers and the oysters are delivered daily, harvested from the island’s very own Te Matuku farm.

Do you still need another reason to go? You can book a table on their verandah and perhaps watch a few dolphins go by while you enjoy your meal.

5. Ki Maha

To begin with, Ki Maha has stunning sea views and a modern layout, but that is definitely not all. Their food expresses the essence of Aotearoa cuisine, which is great for those who want to savour local dishes.

Their menu combines sustainably harvested seafood and ethically farmed meats, and they also choose seasonal fruit and vegetables from local producers.

And as this is a place to eat and drink in Waiheke, it is worth informing you that they also cherish the Aotearoa winemaking craft.

6. Tantalus Estate

There are many tasteful vineyards in Waiheke and one of them is Tantalus Estate, which also has a restaurant and a cellar door.

You can choose how to experience this place and everything it has to offer. But if you don't mind a suggestion, go with the "trust the chef menu", on Saturday nights. It is amazing!

This special menu offers guests a Six Course Set created by Gideon Landman and his talented culinary team. And if you have any food restrictions, you can notice them in advance for possible adjustments.

7. Poderi Crisci

Last but not least on this list of where to eat and drink in Waiheke is another Italian place. Poderi Crisci is a family-owned vineyard and restaurant that is perfect for long lunches on the weekend.

In Italy, lunch is the most important meal of the day and the Italian long lunch is a tradition that involves eating well, being with family and celebrating life. Poderi Crisci brought this to Waiheke with a menu that changes every week. Always promising delicious food that matches fantastic wine.

And to rest after a day of amusements…

After enjoying food and beverage at the best restaurants in Waiheke, you might need a place to rest and relax. Omana's luxurious villas provide a peaceful stay and everything else you might need to enjoy your time on the island.

There are different ways to get around the island and our tip to come to Omana after a day of amusements is to remember to make arrangements for transportation, like hiring a private driver.

Come stay with us!

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