Sea view accommodation in Waiheke

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Sea view accommodation in Waiheke
July 27, 2022

A special getaway is not only about where you go but also the perfect stay at your destination. This is why choosing a sea view accommodation in Waiheke will certainly make a great difference when your plan is to feel relaxed and connected with nature, yourself and your loved one.

Think about waking up to an ocean view and marvelling at the beautiful colours of the early morning. Add high ceilings with wide windows and this is what you will get at our luxury villas on your next special getaway.

Now imagine spending quality time with yourself and a friend or a loved one, sipping something on the balcony, feeling the new day’s freshness and listening to the sounds of the natural world. 

Scroll through to learn and see more about our ocean view accommodation!

Sea view accommodation in Waiheke

If you are searching for sea view accommodation in Waiheke, we are now going to show you the stunning scenery where Omana Luxury Villa is located. Our luxury villas are placed on top of a hill in the Woodside Bay area, taking great advantage of such an elevated position. 

Sea view accommodation in Waiheke

Our luxury accommodation is set on verdant land, and we actively invest to ensure the surrounding forest can prosper, by ridding it of exotics and weeds and developing a programme of native planting. We are part of the Woodside Bay Association, in which we make efforts to protect and increase bird life.

Sea view accommodation with a private beach

As if marvelling at the ocean wasn’t enough, we also have the pleasure to offer our guests access to a private beach. It can be done by foot, on a bush walk, or by car, on a 5-minute drive.

The beaches in Waiheke are stunning and definitely worth visiting. So you can enjoy some privacy when staying with us, just as well as everything else the island has to offer.

Sea view accommodation in Waiheke with a private beach

Bath with an ocean view

Another highlight of a sea view accommodation is when everything is about the… sea view! Our four private villas have an oversized bathtub that glazes right at the ocean. The shower is also strategically positioned facing the sea for your pleasure.

Sea view accommodation in Waiheke with large bathtub

Ocean view all around

Truth be told, the ocean view is all around in our luxury accommodation. From the moment you arrive and enter your villa, the sea vista will be your companion for this special getaway. Open the door to see the ocean, walk around, and it will be there.

You can find more photos of our villas here.

Ocean view accommodation in Waiheke

How to get to Waiheke Island?

Now it’s time for you to find out how to get to Waiheke Island. One of the most convenient options is taking the car ferry or the passenger ferry from Auckland city – the car ferry takes around 45 minutes to arrive at the island, while the journey on the passenger ferry takes only 35 minutes.

There are other ways to get to Waiheke, such as:

  • Private boat
  • Private water taxi
  • Private flight

If you are not coming on the car ferry with your own vehicle, it’s highly recommended that you make arrangements for your transportation in advance of your trip, so you have ways to get around. Keep in mind that, even though there are car rental companies available on your arrival, during spring and summer, bookings might run quickly.

Also, you may prefer to hire a private driver, so you won’t need to drive around Waiheke, and just sit back and relax. One of our recommended partners is Drive Waiheke.

How to get to our luxury villas with sea view

As we mentioned previously, Omana is located in Woodside Bay, so this is the area you’ll need to head to. Here’s a quick guide to finding us:

  1. Follow Gordons Road to where the sealed road ends at a T-junction.
  2. Turn left and travel on the unsealed road for a few hundred meters.
  3. Turn right at the first driveway – you will see a Destiny Bay Vineyard sign.
  4. Drive past the buildings and through the vineyard to the top of the hill.
  5. At the top of the hill, you will see a cement car park – you'll have arrived!

To make things easier, you may want to click here to open our destination on Google Maps. Just follow it and come to our sea view accommodation. 

Stay with us!

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