Places to stay in Waiheke Island

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Places to stay in Waiheke Island
June 9, 2022

When choosing between places to stay in Waiheke Island, what are the main things you think your holiday should have? How would you feel about finding luxury accommodation with an ocean view?

Consider of this vacation as an opportunity for a memorable experience on an island that is comparable to other stunning destinations around the world, such as Paros, in Greece.

Located within a short ferry ride or private flight from downtown Auckland, Waiheke has proven to be a dreamy spot for couples and individuals to reconnect with themselves. Think of it as the ideal place for a honeymoon, an anniversary celebration or even a weekend getaway.

Choosing places to stay in Waiheke Island

Throughout your reading, we are going to help you to get to know the island a little better, and then discover how to choose from places to stay in Waiheke Island.

Waiheke is a 20 km-long island, which makes it easy to get around it, either by rented cars or scooters, bespoke jeep tours, bus, taxi, and other ways of your choice.

If you would like to get accommodation in a more centrally located area, Oneroa is certainly on top of the list of places to stay in Waiheke Island. This is the main village and, therefore, home to restaurants, cafés and many other interesting spots to visit around.

Another interesting beach area to find accommodation in Waiheke is Onetangi Bay, one of the most visited spots on this magical island by all kinds of tourists.

Places to stay in Waiheke Island ideal for couples

The whole island is meant for a love celebration, but for couples that are looking for a more secluded place to stay in Waiheke, it may be a good idea to search for other areas. For example, the beautiful Woodside Bay is where our luxury villas are strategically located.

It may sound distant from the main area, but it’s only a short drive to wineries, restaurants and all the amazing things to do in Waiheke.

What to consider during your stay in Waiheke

On top of the hill, Omana is home to four designed villas facing the emerald ocean, immersed in a natural and preserved environment. We are going to share a bit more details about it and help you decide on your stay.

1. Designed luxury accommodation

A honeymoon or any love celebration should be memorable and spent in a special place in Waiheke. That is why luxury villas are the perfect setting for couples who want to be surrounded by beauty.

Inside the villa of your choice, you will find bespoke furnishings and details that fill the place with flair and sophistication.

Find cozy places to stay in Waiheke Island

We welcome each and every guest with open hearts, including when there are mobility requirements. In fact, our Villa Serenity is a wheelchair accessible accommodation in Waiheke Island.

2. An ocean view

You may be interested to know about our story and the fact that Omana was meant to be a villa of our own amusement. Following one of our strongest values, kindness, our project ended up growing and turned into the development of four luxurious villas that can now embrace guests from all over New Zealand, Australia and the world.

What does it have to do with an ocean view? The moment Omana’s partners – in business and in life – set foot on this land, they marvelled at the sea and the natural beauty, making up their minds that it would be a magnificent place to stay in Waiheke Island.

Omana is among the best places to stay in Waiheke Island

Wide windows guide our guests' eyes standing from the bedroom, taking a warm bath in the bathroom and resting on the balcony.

3. A private beach

From the places to stay in Waiheke Island, we are proud to present our guests with access to a private beach.

It can be reached within a short walk immersed in nature, or from a quick drive that will take directly to the beach. Stay as long as you would like, listening to the water sound and the birds that are protected on the island.

4. Sustainability mindset

Luxurious accommodation must have deep care for the environment. After all, luxury takes a new meaning at Omana, in the sense that it has to be as good for the eye as the soul. This is part of a mission to share with our guests the luxury of abundance.

There are many actions that can be taken as sustainable, such as providing a daily served breakfast made by local producers.

Get a breakfast with a view in your stay in Waiheke Island

The energy needs are also met from renewable sources, and we have water suppliers from rainwater and natural spring. Speaking of water, our villas’ kitchenettes have a tap for chilled spring and sparkling water, riding the need for plastic bottles.

Furthermore, for guests coming to Waiheke in an electric car, there’s an EV charging point in our car park.

Find a place in Waiheke that suits you

We hope that no matter which of the places to stay in Waiheke Island you choose you have a wonderful vacation, get to explore this stunning piece of land and discover all the romantic things to do here.

It will be our pleasure to have you in our villas, and we can provide you with all the information you need to help you to book your stay.

Stay with us!

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