Couples retreat near Auckland

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Couples retreat near Auckland
March 11, 2023

Spending quality time together is one of the key things to a successful relationship. If you came here looking for an option for a couples retreat near Auckland, you probably knew that already, right?

While searching for a getaway spot, you should know that Waiheke is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in New Zealand. Keep reading to find out the reasons why, and learn about what to do and where to stay on the island with your loved one!

Waiheke: a retreat for couples near Auckland

Waiheke is the perfect getaway for couples looking forward to straightening their bond and enjoying intimate and romantic moments.

The proximity to Auckland makes things easy because you don't need to plan a big break in your everyday working life to make this trip. A weekend can be enough if you don't have more time available.

The island is only a 40-minute ferry away from Auckland but you and your loved one can get here even faster by taking a helicopter to Waiheke for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The helicopter is a more private option that will allow you to begin your romantic getaway sooner and admire a wonderful landscape from a different perspective.

A getaway just for you two

In the hustle of everyday life, many couples feel like there is not enough time for romance in their routines and, unfortunately, this might end up tearing them apart.

Once here, you can forget everything else and focus on your loved one. During the day, you can go on hikes or enjoy a nice and chilled moment at the beach for sunbathing, a swim or even water sports that would allow you to have some fun together.

Later in the day, you can share a special view back to the villa or enjoy tasteful meals at restaurants that serve delicious and fresh food made with local ingredients after going on a wine-tasting tour in one of our many vineyards, for example.

The island is very well-known for its cuisines and top wineries and vineyards such as the Batch Winery, Tantalus Estate and the Stonyridge Vineyard.

A luxury retreat for couples in Waiheke

Of course, besides romantic activities, when in a retreat for couples near Auckland, you deserve a special and luxurious accommodation that gives you privacy and has everything you and your loved one might need. That is what Omana has to offer.

Omana's luxury villas are in a secluded place on the island, surrounded by nature, well-equipped and designed to provide you with all the comfort and magic that a romantic getaway calls for.

When booking your stay, you can choose between four villas: Haven, Joy, Serenity or Surrender (according to availability). There are subtle decor differences between them, all with carefully curated furniture and artwork to create a unique atmosphere, and tons of natural light.

A bath with a view

During your stay, you can enjoy amenities such as big bathtubs with great ocean views and king-sized beds. After waking up, without having to get out of bed, you can use a remote control to raise the blinds and be amused by a breathtaking view while waiting for a delicious breakfast to be delivered to your villa.

It is also worth knowing that a short walk or drive from Omana will give you access to a secluded private beach that is perfect for couples that are looking forward to a special day together.

Wedding, honeymoon and anniversary

The truth is that a couple's retreat near Auckland can be your destination anytime, for a simple weekend away or a more special event such as Valentine's Day, engagement, an intimate wedding, honeymoon and anniversary.

Waiheke is one of the most romantic destinations in New Zealand. In addition to everything you've already learned about the island and Omana, you might also like to know that we work with different partners to help you put together an amazing event to celebrate your love.

For weddings and vow renewal celebrations, we can introduce you to a "top A list" wedding celebrant, Francieli McWilliams. For all the other occasions, we can prepare you a specially decorated villa with the help of Indigo Waiheke.

With all these possibilities, Omana can be your favourite retreat for couples near Auckland, where a few of your most important memories are created. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Omana awaits for you

Ready for some quality time in a perfect retreat for couples near Auckland? Take this opportunity for a remarkable experience and choose to stay in luxurious accommodation here at Omana.

We are sure that your stay will do wonders for you, lovebirds, and make you even closer and in love than you already are!

If you decide to book Omana for any date celebration, inform us about it, so we can give you further information about how we can plan your special day together.

Come stay with us!

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