Waiheke wedding: all you need for a perfect celebration

Monday, February 13, 2023

Waiheke wedding: all you need for a perfect celebration
February 13, 2023

If you were asked to close your eyes and picture an astonishing scenario for your wedding, would you think of something like the following? Outdoors, with a stunning ocean view, surrounded by nature, with beautiful decoration, and access to a private beach.

Having a Waiheke wedding is the way you and your loved one can experience all of that and more. On the island, you will also find the perfect venues for the reception, to celebrate the occasion with a few (or many) guests, and to spend your honeymoon.

In this article, you'll discover how to make the celebration of your dreams, with the love of your life, come true!

How to have the perfect Waiheke wedding

The island is full of possibilities for couples that would rather have a small and intimate ceremony. Omana is one of the places for a perfect Waiheke wedding for different reasons.

The entire location is surrounded by nature, which helps create a dreamy ambience and a perfect scenario for such a special moment in a couple's life. A real reconnection with life.

Also, at Omana, your wedding can take place in a spot where you, your loved one and your guests can marvel at the ocean atop a hill. That is quite poetic, don't you think? Expressing your feelings by saying something like "my love for you is deeper than the ocean" with a view like this is simply… remarkable!

And after the celebration, you and your lovebird can enjoy each other's company in a luxurious and specially decorated villa for your Waiheke honeymoon.

How to plan your Waiheke wedding

Are you interested in having a Waiheke wedding? If so, the next step is to discover what you will need to make all that was mentioned above happen for you and your significant other. Here it goes:

1. Book the venue (and accommodation)

You should begin by booking with Omana, which includes checking the available dates, and deciding whether or not you are staying for your honeymoon ― and you should! ―, and informing us about the partners/organisers that will be involved in your special day.

We have witnessed the creation of beautiful memories for many couples here. To make this happen, not only do we provide the location but also we team up with terrific professionals that can make any Waiheke wedding incredible.

Also, it is going to be hard to say "no" to our honeymoon villas. So consider that when planning everything, deal?

2. Choose a celebrant

One of the partners you should hire is the person that will celebrate the wedding. Of course, you have the freedom of choice, but you would like to know that Omana has an "A list" wedding celebrant for a partner: Francieli McWilliams.

Fran is a good friend of ours – and that does not interfere with our judgment. She is the kind of person that naturally knows how to set up the perfect ambience for a wedding and give you and your lover the celebration of your dreams.

How does she do that? Magic, perhaps. Or it is something that comes from how passionate she is about her job. Fran will try to understand what you, as a couple, would like and also connect with your family and friends. Therefore, she'll be able to perform a unique and meaningful ceremony.

Her speciality is helping dreams come true.

3. Arrange the decorator

Omana also has Indigo as a partner for your Waiheke wedding. Indigo is responsible for the most beautiful decorations for the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon private villa.

Check out Indigo's Instagram profile and note that they know how to enhance the natural beauty of the island with all sorts of weddings and how to create a romantic and cosy ambience for your honeymoon in our villas.

4. Choose where to have your reception

Another thing to plan with your Waiheke wedding is the possibility of having the reception in one of the great vineyards on the island.

You can choose between places such as Tantalus, located in the heart of Onetangi Valley, and Batch Winery, which is on one of the highest peaks of the island, with spectacular sunsets.

Both of these vineyards are used to hold wedding receptions and have restaurants with fantastic food. Not to mention the quality of their wines, of course. With all that, Tantalus and Batch Winery have what it takes to provide you, your lover and your guests with a very special and memorable time.

5. Choose a special way to come to the island

Considering it will be your wedding, you have one great reason to make everything incredible from the beginning. So, consider taking a helicopter to Waiheke.

It’s just because it will make the trip faster, but it will also be more intimate and allow you to enjoy the most amazing view of the island.

6. Plan what else to do around the island

If you're staying a little longer to enjoy your honeymoon after your beautiful Waiheke wedding, you might want to know about the 10 most romantic things to do in Waiheke and plan some activities together.

Feeling good about a Waiheke wedding?

Now that you know what you need for a perfect Waiheke wedding, all you need is to make a decision: when are you having it?

After having your wedding celebration here, there is a good chance that you will return for your wedding anniversaries, romantic getaways and even for a wedding vows renewal. And one moment will be even more memorable than the other.

What do you say, ready for the big "yes"?

Plan your wedding and stay with us!

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