Girls' trip to Waiheke Island

Monday, April 24, 2023

Girls' trip to Waiheke Island
April 24, 2023

Kia ora or hello, ladies! Are you looking for the perfect destination for your next girls' trip? The stunning Waiheke Island is an ideal destination for an unforgettable time with your bestie.

Just picture yourself and your friend in a breathtaking place, exploring gold sand beaches, enjoying lovely walks surrounded by nature and tasting the delicious local cuisine while sipping locally produced wine in one of the many vineyards.

Text your girl, check on the tips in this article and get ready to pack your bags!

How to get to Waiheke

First, you should know that you have different options for getting to the island for your girl's weekend away: by car, ferry or helicopter.

Travelling by car from Auckland usually takes 1 hour, while the passenger ferry can get you to Waiheke a bit faster, in a 40 minutes trip. But if you want to save more time and begin your girls' getaway with style, you can also choose a helicopter flight.

It is important to know that each helicopter has a limitation of space and luggage weight. So it would be clever to get all this information in advance from the company you hire.

And, of course, whether you're planning a chilled time or a super fun time for this girls' trip, you should know how to get around Waiheke considering you can hire bikes, Scooters and Segways, take the bus, hire a private driver and more.

What to do on a girls' trip to Waiheke

Waiheke is a great place for reconnection, relaxation and fun. There is plenty for you and your group to do on a girls' weekend, no matter what kind of activities you prefer. Some options are:

  • Catching up on a secluded beach while sunbathing;
  • Enjoying an adventure together by going on walks and hikes;
  • Booking a spa to just relax;
  • Trying tasteful restaurants for lunch and whisky tasting;
  • Going on wine tours in one of our top vineyards;
  • Visiting art galleries;
  • Planning a hens do;
  • Attending special events of the year;
  • Sailing around the island.

Maybe you already know this, but it is worth mentioning. Waiheke is pretty well-known for its wines and cuisine, so we strongly recommend you take this opportunity to have fun alongside your bestie.

You'll find award-winning wines and be able to choose between local cuisine or international food restaurants for every taste.

Activities with your bestie

If you girls are up to knowing the local art scene, you can follow the Art Trail out from the ferry wharf to Oneroa Beach or simply pick one of the galleries that interest you, considering options such as the Kauari Art Studio or the Waiheke Community Art Gallery.

You should also consider booking spots on an exclusive sailing charter from Waiheke Island and sailing around the island during the afternoon. You'll see wonders!

By the way, there are many water activities and sports that can be practised on Waiheke's waters, like diving, kayaking and stand-up paddling.

For some of these activities, such as the spa, the wine-tasting tours and the events, we recommend you book your spot in advance, so there are no problems regarding availability. Also, you can book a massage in our villas!

Where to stay on your girls' trip to Waiheke

The best way to enjoy your girls' trip to the fullest is to stay in a place that provides everything you might need and leave you with nothing to worry about, such as a luxurious villa in Waiheke, like Omana.

One of our villas, Serenity, has two single beds and is a wheelchair-accessible accommodation, which makes it a perfect choice for your girls' weekend and meets various needs guests might have.

In addition to all of that, a few of the amenities you'll find in the villa are a spacious bathroom, with an over-sized bathtub, a well-equipped kitchenette including a coffee machine, temperature control, window panels control, Wi-Fi, entertainment options, flat-screen TV and a high-quality sound system.

Omana is a secluded spot surrounded by nature and yet close to the island's main attractions. If you want to stay close, you can enjoy amenities such as guest access to a private beach. And if you want to go out, we can recommend private drivers for your convenience.


A girls' trip deserves to be special. By now you know the many great things Waiheke has to offer and might have enough reasons to include and put a checkmark on this travel destination on your bucket list.

The island is already known as a great place for couples and we won't deny that, but once here, you and your bestie will be able to testify that both Waiheke and Omana are great choices also for friends.

Come stay with us!

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