Boutique hotel photoshoot ideas and inspiration - Part 2

Monday, April 8, 2024

Boutique hotel photoshoot ideas and inspiration - Part 2
April 8, 2024

Waiheke Island, a jewel nestled in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand, is a photographer's paradise. Global influencers – like Henny in the main picture – and celebrities, such as Rita Ora & Taika Waititi, and Valtteri Bottas & Tiffany Cromwell, have witnessed this and shared its beauty on their socials. 

Omana Luxury Villa’s story is also a testament to photoshoot ideas and inspiration. The moment our directors stepped into Woodside Bay, on the hill which is now home to our boutique hotel on Waiheke Island, they were speechless. Although knowing pictures wouldn’t do justice to the land’s beauty, they knew every guest would love the challenge of making it an “Instagrammable” spot.

Waiheke is an Instagrammable destination

From its pristine beaches and rolling vineyards to its dramatic clifftops and lush native bush, Waiheke offers a stunning backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments. But Omana Luxury Villa steps in as the ultimate muse for those seeking an extra touch of luxury and sophistication in their Instagrammable escapes.

After our first blog article about photoshoot ideas and inspiration on Waiheke, we decided to explore more capturing options for our cherished guests.

Visual diaries and vlogs inspire luxury travel

In today's digital age, photos have become our visual diaries, capturing not just memories but also sharing experiences and inspiring others – for instance, how about having your own stunning picture during a yoga session at Omana?! Pictures and vlogs allow us to document our journeys and curate a personal aesthetic online.

And what better way to elevate your travel photos than by staying at a location that is as breathtaking as it is comfortable?  Omana Luxury Villa, with its meticulously designed villas and unparalleled ocean views, provides the perfect canvas for creating stunning and envy-worthy content.

Picture-perfect moments in our boutique hotel

Now, let's dive into a collection of photoshoot ideas designed to make your stay at our boutique hotel a visual masterpiece.

Sunrise photoshoot ideas

Embrace the light: Wake up to the beauty of Waiheke Island with a sunrise shot from the comfort of your super king-size bed. Open the blinds with the remote control (because who doesn't love a touch of luxury?) and capture the golden light as it bathes the room and spills onto the ocean view. Below, a preview of what you’ll experience…

Pro tip:  For an extra touch of drama, consider capturing the scene from a low angle, highlighting the contrast between the plush bed and the vastness of the ocean.

Take selfie mirrors to the next level

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall”: The spacious bathroom at Omana features a beautifully placed vanity mirror, perfect for capturing your post-spa glow or a playful outfit change. Strike a confident pose or have fun experimenting with different angles and reflections. Why not bring your loved one to it, like Jordan Desira and his partner Beth?

The mirror in your luxury villa also makes it perfect for a selfie with your significant other. Register the moment you arrive at our boutique hotel as well as when you’re ready to go out and about Waiheke, like Remix Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Amber Rebecca.

Bathtub bliss photoshoot inspiration

Bath with a view: Indulge in a luxurious bath with a breathtaking ocean view as your backdrop. Add a glass of champagne and a good book – it's the epitome of relaxation and makes for a truly captivating photo.

While we’re at “the view” topic, why not go for a “breakfast with a view” kind of photo?! There's something undeniably glamorous about a leisurely breakfast overlooking the ocean. Capture the moment you savour a perfectly plated breakfast, the steam rising from your coffee cup as you gaze out at the endless blue horizon.

And, speaking of tasty food, now try a “dinner for two with a twist” picture style. Omana offers the option of a delicious in-room two-course meal. Set the mood on your private balcony with a view and capture the intimate ambience of a romantic dinner. Bonus points for capturing the sparks flying between you and your loved one!

Let stunning Waiheke be your backdrop

Embrace the outdoors: Step outside your villa and explore the beauty of Waiheke Island. Capture yourself strolling along the private beach at sunset, enjoying a picnic lunch nestled amongst the vines at a local winery, or revelling in the exhilaration of a kayaking adventure.

Pro tip:  Remember, Waiheke Island itself is a photographer's dream. Don't be afraid to experiment with wide shots that capture the vastness of the landscape or close-ups that highlight the unique details of the island's flora and fauna.

Going beyond the ‘Instagrammable’ world

While capturing stunning photos is a fantastic way to document your travels, it's important to remember that the true magic lies in the experience itself.

Omana Luxury Villa goes beyond providing the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed. It offers a haven of relaxation, luxury, and rejuvenation. From the moment you arrive, you'll be enveloped in a sense of peace and tranquillity. Our exclusive services add to a tailored experience with us.

So, when planning your next getaway, remember that choosing the right accommodation plays a crucial role in shaping your experience. Opt for a destination that not only offers stunning visuals but also prioritizes your comfort and wellbeing. Our boutique hotel awaits, ready to be the setting for unforgettable memories.

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