5 ideas for Valentine’s Day in Waiheke

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

5 ideas for Valentine’s Day in Waiheke
January 4, 2023

Oh, to be in love! Isn't it great when we have a special someone to share our lives with? Isn't it something worth celebrating? Thankfully, there is one day that everyone knows that is dedicated to praising romance. Thanks, Saint Valentine!

Thinking about all of this, in this post, you'll find reasons to spend Valentine's Day in Waiheke learning that the island is the perfect place for a romantic getaway with your significant other. Shall we? Enjoy!

5 great ideas to spend Valentine’s Day in Waiheke

The island is full of great options so here is a list of 5 ideas for Valentine's Day in Waiheke:

  1. Enjoying a wine-tasting tour and dining in fine restaurants;
  2. Spending some quality time at the beaches;
  3. Having special breakfast in bed or in a balcony;
  4. Having a bath in an oversized bathtub;
  5. Enjoying what a secluded getaway for couples has to offer.

Want to know more about them? Tag along:

1. Enjoying a wine-tasting tour and dining in fine restaurants

Waiheke is famous for its fine wines and going on a wine-tasting tour is a "must-do" for many visitors and a special choice for couples.

Wine is romantic by nature. It is said that drinking a glass of red wine helps our brains to produce the "love hormone", and of course, you will want that when visiting the island with your significant other!

Plus you can head to a romantic dinner after the tour. Most of the vineyards have their own restaurants, so you'll have no trouble making this special moment happen.

2. Spending some quality time at the beaches

Another idea for your Valentine's Day in Waiheke is visiting one of the top 6 beaches of the island to be surrounded by nature, listening to the sound of the ocean.

And, by doing so with your beloved one, you'll have a great opportunity to reconnect by simply enjoying each other's company. An idea that gets even better if you choose a private beach so you guys can just relax and have nothing to worry about.

With this in mind, you should know that Omana's guests have access to a private beach, which is a great convenience especially if you are looking for exclusiveness and tranquillity.

3. Having special breakfast in bed or in a balcony

Is breakfast in bed a classic for you on Valentine's Day? Well, Waiheke allows you to make that happen in great style once there are luxury villas on the island where you and or your significant other can stay.

A place like Omana has king-sized beds for incomparable nights and a special and cosy breakfast in the mornings. It is just the perfect place to keep it simple, but undoubtedly remarkable.

At the villa, you can also choose to have breakfast on the balcony and have an indescribable view as a set for this moment of your Valentine's Day in Waiheke.

4. Having a bath in an oversized bathtub

Yet there is another simple idea that can be turned into something out of the ordinary: a romantic bath in an oversized bathtub that you can also find in Omana's Villas.

You know this is the kind of thing that allows a couple to really reconnect with each other, right?

5. Enjoying what a secluded getaway for couples has to offer

Last but not least, an idea that involves all the others is coming to Valentine's Day in Waiheke to enjoy a romantic getaway for couples in a secluded place that has amazing things to offer.

To have privacy in a place with breathtaking landscapes and various options of activities is all you and your lover need to live perfect moments that will strengthen your relationship and create long-lasting memories.

Something worth knowing is that your staying in Omana for Valentine's Day in Waiheke can be even more special once we have a partnership with Indigo Waiheke, and can get the villas specially decorated.

Waiheke and Omana are perfect not only for your Valentine's Day

Notice that the island is a great place to celebrate love on many occasions. Not only on Valentine's but also on other special dates, such as engagements, honeymoon and anniversaries.

In any circumstance, besides the suggestions listed here, there are many other romantic things to do in Waiheke, like riding horses together or spending a few hours at a spa.

Ready to celebrate Valentine's Day in Waiheke?

Waiheke is one of the most romantic destinations in New Zealand and, therefore, a great choice for your Valentine's Day celebration.

It is quite easy to get to the island which is only a 35-minute ferry away from Auckland, and you can also choose from other transportation options such as a helicopter ride, for example.

Regardless of how you come to Waiheke, stay in Omana. Stay with us!

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