Summer in Waiheke: 6 ideas for the best trip

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Summer in Waiheke: 6 ideas for the best trip
November 22, 2022

The sun is shining, you are feeling good, yet looking forward to getting somewhere you can truly enjoy life. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities, water sports, tracks and hiking, and more.

Are we thinking about the same thing? If you're considering packing your bags and enjoying summer in Waiheke, then we are! The island is surrounded by nature and is especially attractive in the summer.

Once you are here, Waiheke can provide you with different kinds of experiences. All amazing. Want to know more? So go ahead and prepare yourself to pack your bags!

6 ideas for your summer in Waiheke

There are plenty of activities to do on the island and to think about while planning your trip here. We have selected six of them to give you a taste and hopefully convince you to come and visit us:

  1. Enjoying the beaches, of course

White sand, turquoise water. You can enjoy summer in Waiheke by going from one marvellous beach to the other to appreciate the view, get a tan, go swimming and more.

Where to go? Well, you have many options such as Palm Beach, a great option for those seeking a place to relax by the ocean and simply enjoy the waves. There are toilets, and picnic benches and you can also find a few cafés and shops.

You should know that this beach is a common choice for nudists, so don't be surprised!

Another good option is Little Oneroa Beach, which is small and secluded, creating a perfect atmosphere for swimming and sunbathing. Read more about top beaches in Waiheke.

Private beach for guests

Talking about privacy, Omana’s guests have access to a private beach that is filled with beauty, and a perfect place to hear the wonderful sound of the ocean, take a refreshing dive in the water and rest.

On the other hand, if you are interested in something different from sitting back and relaxing, Onetangi Beach might be a perfect choice.

This is the longest and one of the prettiest beaches on the Island. We highly recommend the visit if you like waves that are good enough for nice surfing sessions and other water activities like bodyboarding.

  1. Doing water sports

As we've mentioned Onetangi Beach, we have the cue to talk about water sports options for your summer in Waiheke. Ready for some fun?

Besides swimming, the island has perfect beaches for diving and snorkelling for beginners and experts, kayaking and stand-up paddling. All these activities allow you to experience and connect with the ocean from a different and unique point of view.

  1. Going on walks and hikes

Another way to be surrounded by nature is by choosing one or more of the best hikes and tracks on the island.

Some options will conduct you on a nice and easy walk, leading to breathtaking views, so you can take some time to just appreciate life and reconnect with yourself.

And some options will challenge you a bit more so that maybe you can enjoy that great feeling of achieving something new afterwards. You chose!

  1. Going horseback riding

Horseback riding is something that connects us with nature and allows us to view things from a new perspective; something quite interesting in a place like Waiheke and all its beautiful sights.

Choosing a horse tour during your summer in Waiheke will lead you to a true kiwi experience. The activity can be therapeutic and relaxing, and it's available even for beginners since they can take lessons to learn how to ride by the beach.

Horseback riders on the island can enjoy tracks that take them to private locations and recharge their batteries in amazing places.

  1. Enjoying gin, beer, and wine tastings

Your summer in Waiheke can also involve beverage-tasting tours. We are well-known for your wineries and they are certainly an option for you anytime you decide to visit us.

But you should know there are other options as well. Once on the island, you can choose between gin, whiskey, and craft beer. The experiences are usually followed by a meal so you can also have a taste of our acclaimed cuisine.

  1. Recharging in the most comfortable way possible

Summer is for fun, de-stressing, enjoying new experiences, making amazing new memories and recharging.

After months of hard work, you deserve to stay in a nice luxurious accommodation, preferably with an ocean view and a balcony to feel replenished and refreshed after a day on the beach.

And where can you have all those things (and more)? Here, at Omana where you can stay in one of our private villas that offer everything you might need while spending your summer in Waiheke.

By the way, you should know that Omana is immersed in nature, which gets even more perfect at this time of the year. You are going to love it!

Before you leave to go pack your bags… 

We know that while planning your trip you might have other concerns like how to get to Waiheke or how to get around on the island to enjoy all the cool things we presented to you here. It is easy!

Waiheke is a 35-minute far away from Auckland and, if you wish to get here even faster, you can also come by helicopter which, by the way, adds a lot to the experience due to the unique view of the island from the sky.

Once on the island, you can get around by car, taxi and private transport, by bus ― including a hop-on hop-off tour ― by bike, scooter and Segway. Choose what works better for you and enjoy!

And, of course, to have an amazing experience during your summer in Waiheke, come to Omana!

Stay with us!

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