Luxury winter escape on Waiheke Island: Meet the villa of your dreams

Monday, April 15, 2024

Luxury winter escape on Waiheke Island: Meet the villa of your dreams
April 15, 2024

As winter will be sweeping across New Zealand soon, Waiheke Island becomes a serene retreat just a short hop from Auckland. Known for its sunny beaches in summer, Waiheke offers a different kind of charm during the cooler months.

We now invite you to discover the magic of a luxury winter escape on Waiheke Island, where every moment promises relaxation and beauty.

What's the best about winter in Waiheke?

Winter in Waiheke brings cosy vibes, inviting visitors to explore its charming restaurants, top-notch wineries, and art galleries. Make this season a time for you to enjoy delicious cuisine made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, perfectly paired with the island's renowned wines.

Picture yourself wandering through village streets, browsing boutique shops and galleries showcasing local talent. As the temperature drops, Waiheke reveals its intimate charm, inviting travellers to explore its hidden treasures.

Why come on a luxury winter escape on Waiheke Island?

We invite you on a journey to the ultimate luxury winter escape on Waiheke Island. Omana Luxury Villa is nestled on the top of a hill on Woodside Bay, far from the public eye, yet only a few minute's drive from the wonders we just mentioned above.

We have crafted a sanctuary of warmth and luxury perfectly suited for a winter retreat. This is the spot where couples and individuals can wake up to the gentle sound of waves and the natural world and feel enveloped in the comfort of a spacious villa overlooking the majestic ocean and lush forests.

At Omana, every detail is meticulously curated to ensure an unforgettable holiday experience in New Zealand, from cosy rooms with heaters to breathtaking views that inspire awe.

Cosy and spacious room

Each of our four boutique villas offers 58 square meters of floor space and 15 square meters of private balcony. We highly recommend you check them out:

Come retreat yourself to our spacious villas with heaters for warmth and comfort.

Peaceful nature surroundings

Wake up to stunning views of the ocean and lush forests, providing a serene backdrop to your winter getaway. Just by gazing at the natural world, you will feel replenished and restored. The perfect stay for nature lovers has such power no matter the season.

Make a cup of coffee or tea right from the comfort machine strategically located in your villa’s kitchenette and enjoy a delicious breakfast – delivered to your door daily – while marvelling at the view.

Gourmet delights delivered to your luxury villa

Indulge in a two-meal course made with local ingredients, showcasing the island's culinary excellence. Savour it in the comfort of your villa while listening to your favourite songs and have the mood all set.

Luxurious services and amenities

De-stress in oversized bathtubs, rejuvenate with yoga retreat services and pamper yourself with a professional massage – have it all for yourself in your solo luxury winter escape, or share wonderful moments with your bestie or your loved one, if you’re coming as a couple.

These are just a few examples of our exclusive services, and we do our best to make sure you have a fabulous time at Omana.

Entertainment and connectivity

During your winter getaway with us on Waiheke Island, stay connected with free Wi-Fi, Apple TV, Netflix and, as mentioned, music, ensuring entertainment at your fingertips. Think of this trip as a cocoon sanctuary, where you come to just be, and seize each moment. 

Secluded serenity: ideal for celebrities and influencers

Enjoy the tranquillity of Omana's secluded location, offering a peaceful escape from everyday life. Our privileged location makes it a top choice for celebrities and influencers looking for peace and privacy – no wonder Omana has been chosen by stars such as Rita Ora and Taika Waiheke as a personal retreat.

Yet, our luxury villas are only a short drive from Waiheke’s restaurants, cafés, shops and art galleries, so you will feel far from the world, while you’re actually minutes from it.

How to get to your winter escape on Waiheke Island?

Getting to Waiheke Island is easy, with regular car and passenger ferry services from Auckland. For a touch of luxury, Omana offers exclusive helicopter transfers, providing guests with a scenic journey to paradise. With driver services available as well, transportation is hassle-free, ensuring a seamless transition from city life to island serenity.

Embrace the enchantment of winter on Waiheke Island with a luxurious escape to Omana Luxury Villa. From cosy stay-in-movie-nights to invigorating yoga retreats and massages with an ocean view, every moment promises to be a treasure worth cherishing.

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