Winter in Waiheke: make it the perfect escape

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Winter in Waiheke: make it the perfect escape
June 1, 2022

When you get to experience winter in Waiheke, you discover that this beautiful island is meant to be enjoyed in every season, with each of its wonders. You may have heard this is one of the top summer destinations, but now you are about to understand why this place is a haven all year long.

How is winter in Waiheke?

Waiheke Island is located within a short distance from Auckland city, from where you can get the passenger or the car ferry, in a journey that takes an average of 35 minutes. It’s quite close to the city, yet you will feel you are a world away.

Even though it is so near Auckland, the island takes advantage of a slightly warmer climate than the city, with winter temperatures on an average of 19C during the day, and 9C during the evening.

Summer, on the other hand, gets a daily temperature that may reach 29C, which practically sends all visitors to the stunning beaches around the island. On top of that, to refresh and replenish body and soul, our guests can also take advantage of a private beach accessible via a bushwalk or a short drive from our luxury villas.

Less crowded beaches during winter in Waiheke

As you may be guessing, since summer is the high season for the island, this may just as well be one of the main reasons many tourists choose to come to Waiheke in winter: less crowded beaches!

Considering that the temperatures are not extreme, this means that they are still able to enjoy the beach a little, but also take the time to experience other amusements of Waiheke that get even more special with low degrees.

How to make winter in Waiheke perfect?

So now that you know more about one of the main reasons to come to Waiheke in winter, we are going to guide you through ways of making your time here even more memorable. Let’s go!

1. Find cosy accommodation in Waiheke

To experience the best winter in Waiheke, it’s highly recommended to choose wisely where you are going to stay. Think warm interior, with everything that will make you and your loved one cosy and relaxed for your special getaway.

For you to have an idea, the following is part of the experience in our luxury accommodation in Waiheke:

  • Heater and air conditioner
  • Super-king bed
  • Kitchenette
  • Shower
  • Oversized bathtub
  • Daily gourmet breakfast
  • Hairdryer
  • Coffee Machine

All you have to do is make a cup of coffee or tea from local producers, marvel at the view and, if you feel like resting, land at the bed of your dreams.

Winter in Waiheke can be cozy and warm indoors

2. Draw a warm bath with a view

Once you are settled in your luxury accommodation, draw a bath for yourself or for the pair of you to spend some quality time. Why not use this moment to open a bottle of champagne or red to celebrate life while checking the stunning view?

Have a warm bath during winter in Waiheke

After a warm bath, you can also keep yourselves entertained in our villas, where you will find a TV with Apple TV and Netflix, as well as full access to Wi-Fi.

3. Go on a wine tasting tour

Winter in Waiheke – or any season, to be honest – is the perfect time to go on a wine tasting tour. With over 30 wineries for visitors to choose from, this island has the perfect soil to lead to marvellous types of wine. Some of our personal favourites are:

Enjoy restaurants and wineries during winter in Waiheke

If you are not a big wine fan, you will be delighted to find out that Waiheke is also home to delicious gin, whisky and beer. Waiheke Distilling Co and The 'HEKE are places definitely worth visiting. 

4. Try local and international food

From the things to do in Waiheke, having lunch or dinner in restaurants can get even more special during winter, with cosy fireplaces and warm interiors, like Tantalus and Batch Winery, and Poderi Crisci.

If you don’t have the time to try them all, any that you pick you certainly make your romantic holiday special.

5. Discover amazing art and talented artists

Every traveller knows that museums, galleries and theatres are great places to visit, especially when it’s raining. If by any chance you experience wet weather in Waiheke during winter, you would certainly be glad to seize it by discovering local art.

The Artworks complex, for instance, is an incredible area in which visitors discover not only plays, dance and shows, but also the Community Art Gallery, the gorgeous Waiheke Library and the beloved Waiheke Community Cinema – where you get to snuggle on a sofa.

6. Enjoy each other’s company

Truth be told, a winter getaway in Waiheke is a fantastic idea for you to reconnect with your loved one. It may be on a wine tour, a restaurant, an art gallery, or simply just getting cosy with each other inside a luxury villa.

Get some wine from your tour, cheese and snacks from local shops and you’ll get yourselves the perfect indoor picnic, or outdoor if you move to the balcony in your villa, with unlimited stunning views.

Make winter in Waiheke the best getaway

The whole idea of spending winter in Waiheke is to discover the island in a new way and get far from the mundane. You can have the perfect winter getaway just moments away from Auckland city, together with your loved one.

Make plans for your next holiday, seize a long weekend of pure rest and relaxation or take advantage of our special rates on weekdays.

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